Asphalt 8: Airborne Game Review For Tizen Smartphones

The Gameloft biggest game maker in mobile industry launched their new Asphalt series title Asphalt 8: Airborne for the Tizen Smartphones. Now it is the 8th part in the Asphalt series and 4th on all mobile devices. The first original Asphalt was released with some basic racing and gameplay, but year on year Gameloft improved their game quality and mode it one of the best racing genre on mobile devices. When Gameloft launches their titles then every game geeky users are exciting about it, like their Modern Combat series and NOVA series. Their previous parts of this title are very famous specially, on high end devices where it looks stunning and outstanding. Every year they are adding one more part in this series and this time they launched Airborne, the new and much improved title than its predecessor.

When they launched Asphalt 5 on mobile devices that time it was pretty cool genre on mobile devices and 6th and 7th parts was really awesome and they were one of the best racing genres, specially Heat was came with good graphics and visual effects, so this time we are expecting more from developers. Gamers are hoping addictive gameplay strategy from developers and we are giving our best review about Airborne. The Airborne is the all about racing where everyone expecting much more excitement, now a day more peoples playing their games on mobile devices, that’s why more and more developers creating their titles for smartphones and tablets.


The Asphalt 8 comes with really amazing graphics specially, if you are using your iPad for this. It looks great on iPad’s retina display and you can observe every scene of it. We also played it on Android smartphones but it is not comparable with iPad, yes, the Galaxy Note series of Samsung is way better than others. It also produces best graphics and natural colors than any other Android devices and runs on best frame-rate engine. The road in the night looks better and buildings are perfect for views. The Tunnels, Dams and Hills also well created and roads are shinny and clean as they are natural.

Watch Asphalt 8: Airborne game trailer from the below YouTube video link.

Now Gameloft launched Asphalt 8:Airborne game in Tizen Store, it is now available for Samsung Z1 and Z3 users. With this game now Tizen Store has high graphics and extra quality games for Tizen users. In the recent months we seen many enjoyable titles in store, but this one is different than those one. Gameloft has Despicable Me: Minion Rush and Shark Dash titles in store and now with this title they proved that they care their every user.

This is now hot topic for every Tizen users so that’s why I decided to review this game, might be this one is first review for Tizen games. The community of TizenHelp is always ready to serve latest news and reviews for users and here I am writing my first review for Tizners. Actually, the game was originally made for Android & Apple smartphones. The smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S9, Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S8, iPhone X, iPhone 8 & iPhone 7 are best gadgets to play high graphics games with lots of visual effects. Now it is new experience to try this game on Tizen smartphones so let’s check it out.

This one comes with different levels and modes. You can play World Series, career mode, Solo race, direct race with other racer in gameplay. Developers at Gameloft also added more cities in it so gamers from different countries should love it. Now you can race in beautiful London, Venish, French Guiana, Tokyo, Barcelona, Iceland and Monaco cities with their beautiful nature and marvelous culture.

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The cities are well created, they added famous place of cites like Palace of London, Tokyo’s streets, French Guiana’s extraordinary roads and nature. Also you can play race in different modes such as it comes with Classic, Elimination, Versus, Knockdown, Infected and Gate Drift, and all these are comes with different class. Just select your Mode, Class and City to start to play.

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If you are thinking those modes are easy to complete then you are totally wrong, you need to finish the line before other one. Run into the city’s traffic, into U turn roads, Tunnels, on the dams, Jungles and weak roads and sometimes there are road shortcuts to reach early. Find them otherwise you will found yourself behind competition. You can also power up your cars with extra boosts, collect extra gas Barrels into gameplay, then you can get extra power where your car will be run with more speed.

There are cars which everyone likes to play and if there is your favourite car into gameplay then it is really good, that’s why Gameloft added 47 new cars into it with including famous, Ferrari, Audi, Nissan, Mercedes-Benz, Chevrolet, Ford, Lamborghini, and many more. All cars are coming with their latest Models. The first default car is free for you and then you need to collect points to purchase new car or you can also buy new cars direct from in-app purchases at extra money. The gameplay is much like Asphalt Heat and other series games.

You can use Gyroscope of your smartphone or tablet to move right or left. The Airborne is very similar with Heat but they added new stunts and drive modes into it. Now perform Stunts into Barrel roll and Flat spin. To get barrel roll your driving must be perfect otherwise your car will be Wreck and you could loose some golden time.

You can also jump and get shortcuts from some roads. In elimination mode stay ahead from others or you will be eliminate from race, try to keep your car at first rank to win the race. Into classic mode there are 8 racers and one will be the winner and in Verses mode reach the finish line before your competitor. The Asphalt 8 game is now support on new Samsung Z2 smartphone which makes this new phone a wonderful device to play best quality games. Samsung Z2 has very little screen but its processor can make it playable title.

Gameloft also has launched Asphalt Alpha game into the Tizen Store to take their racing genres to next levels. You can play that game on all the devices. The overall race is very exciting, if you played 7th part then you are very similar with this gameplay and you can perform better into the race. If you like HD graphics racing genres on your smartphones or tablets then we recommend you to play it. The Asphalt 8: Airborne is now available in Tizen Store and for free.