AT&T Announced Galaxy S10 5G for Business Customers

Samsung launched its first flagship 5G smartphone under the name of Galaxy S10 5G & AT&T has announced that Galaxy S10 5G will be available from 17th June. However, it will make available only for business customers and 5G developers through the carrier developer program. AT&T didn’t mention anything about the expansion of rollout to the regular customers, and it is the missing point in the announcement by the carrier. It makes clear that its 5G network is not ready yet for the general customers.

At the present moment, AT&T has a 5G network available in a limited area of 19 cities, and the carrier has the plan to reach the parts of at least 30 cities. As we know that transition to the 5G network has several advantages and drastic improvements in the internet speed. It reduces latency and allows faster data transmission with the estimated speed, which is 100 times more than the existing 4G LTE network. It is an essential move for the carrier, which ensures its transition to 5G networks as reality. Though limited at the present moment, eventually, it will expand the network to more cities and customers.

Galaxy S10 5G

Although there is no word about the broader rollout of the network, AT&T has offered a great deal for the customers. Through the carrier Galaxy S10 5G, a 256GB variant is available for the purchase from the account representatives for $1000 which is at the same price of Galaxy S10+ variant of 128GB. Also for the Business Unlimited Plan preferred customers can get service started at $90 per month. These customers will be able to use the device on AT&T’s 5G network, which is available in the limited areas right now.

Way back in February 2019, Samsung launched Galaxy S10 5G smartphone with various marvelous features. As this is the first 5G ready smartphone (Galaxy Fold yet to release), let us hopefully expect the sooner rollout of the device for the publicly available.