Battery Problem Solved On Galaxy Watch, Gear S3, Gear Sport

Samsung smartwatches including Samsung Gear S3, Gear Sport and Galaxy Watch reported severe battery drainage problem since the last week. This leads to many speculations among the users as the efficient battery life is one of the important aspects of these Samsung wearable gadgets. Samsung from time to time solved the issue of battery drainage and this annoying issue again returned to these smartwatches and there is still no official solution offered by the company for the recent battery problem. These Samsung smartwatches otherwise have the efficient battery life but this issue haunt the users and there is immediate need of fixing this issue.

Though there is no official reason for this unusual battery drainage problem but there are some temporary fixes which might work to tackle this menace. The first one is by disabling the S Health app as some of the users noticed that issue of battery drainage occurred after the latest Gear update to this app.

Samsung Gear S3

The next possible reason for this unusual battery drainage will be the “report diagnostic” feature which allows the Samsung to collect data from the users in order to provide better service delivery. Most of the smartwatches including Samsung have this feature as a tool of effective service delivery mechanism. Apparently, this is the main cause for the latest battery problem of the Samsung smartwatches. The best way to fix this issue is by turning off this report diagnostic and usage info feature.

To turn off this feature users should go to the setting and then select the Gear Info option on all Samsung Gear/Galaxy watches. After that chose the report diagnostic option in the menu and turn it off. Reboot the watch by keeping it charging after that you will experience the effective battery life. Users experienced both these fixes working and you may also try these temporary fixes as a solution to heavy battery drainage problem.