Best 20 Tizen Apps For The Month Of August

Tizen recently launched the list of top 20 most downloaded apps on Tizen Store for the month of August. According to this list WhatsApp is still top most preferred app and dominates the Tizen Store as like its previous record. This shows that WhatsApp is still downloaded more then any other app and is retained its first rank. WhatsApp is followed by Facebook and Facebook Messenger in this list of top 20 most downloaded apps, Facebook is ranked 2nd and Facebook Messenger 3rd.

Some new apps entered the list by surpassing the apps in the old list. The 4th and 5th place in the ranking is secured by Car Parking Valet and Truck Racing 3D respectively, these both are the games and new to the list. There are several other new apps which entered the list and that apps according to their ranks are Real Tap Piano Master ranked 9th, Railway Run, World Bowling Championship, Moto Bike Hill Racer Nitro 3D ranked 15th, 18th and 20th respectively are also new apps that secured place in the list.

Top 20 Tizen Apps

There are some apps in the list which varied in their ranking from previous lists like the WhatsApp Status app which was at 4th position earlier now degraded its ranking to 12th position. The other apps which drop in their rankings in the recent list are Hotstar from 9th to 13th, HERE Maps sipped from 6th position to 10th, Calendar app dropped from 12th to 14th position and Instagram 14th and Smart Tutor 13th dropped to 16th and 17th position respectively.

Some applications in this list also experienced upgrade in their rankings that are Opera Mini jumped from 7th position to 6th and Xender also jumped one position and attained 7th ranking in the list. The most trending apps among this list are Truck Racing 3D, World Bowling Championship and Moto Bike Hill Racer Nitro 3D which are widely favoured by the users.