Must Have Watch Faces on Apple Watch Series 5

Like apps & fitness functions, watch faces are also the main part of any smartwatch or fitness tracker. Almost all companies offer Watch faces to users with watches & smart bands. The king in the wearable, Apple is also a clear winner this year. The company has a wide variety of dials in the Apple Watch App Store. The new Apple Watch Series 5 comes with some pre-installed watch faces. All these watch faces have plenty of complications to use favorite shortcuts.

If you don’t know what is complication means, then it is a service where you can customize dials with tiny widgets. I think all Apple Watch users know complications and how to use them. Apple Watch Series 5 is the new smartwatch with some advanced functions and also offers exclusive faces. Like a previous Series 4 wearable Apple Watch 5 support Always-on Display feature, so all dials could get benefits from the AoD.

In the beginning, the company had very few dials to choose, but now many third-party developers have created their best faces for the device. You can choose any free as well as paid dials from the App Store. to help you in a search of must have watch faces on Apple Watch Series 5, go with the below list.

Best watch faces for Apple Watch Series 5

1. Infograph

Apple Watch Faces

With the eight complications to use widgets, it is the clear winner in the list. You can set most essential widgets on the main screen like battery percentage, UVI, world clock, music, burned calories, and many others. The Infograph is one of the most downloaded and most popular dials in the App Store.

2. Nike Exclusive

Apple Watch Faces

There is a special Apple Watch Series 5 Nike Edition in the market for fitness enthusiasts. Still, you can use Nike Exclusive dial for other editions. Set complications, use fitness data, and get other information on the main screen. It supports Always-on Display on your Apple Watch.

3. Meridian

Apple Watch Faces

Another famous watch face for a smartwatch with lots of complications and the versions. Ther are lots of Meridian dials in the App Store, but you can choose as per your mood. The Meridian is neat & clean dial with white & black color options. It has launched in WatchOS 6 versions, and in the meantime become one of the popular dials.

4. Modular Compact

Apple Watch Faces

After the Meridian, it has the most praised watch face in the store. The Modular Compact offers data-heavy options to the users, where one complication is for calling. You can set heart rate data, burned calories, weather, call option, activity, and music widgets. Download the Modular Compact face from the App Store.

5. Chronograph

Apple Watch Faces

The analog styled watch face gives you more space to add one more complication. You will not see any digital number here on Chronograph, but you may understand all the data. You will understand the time, date, day walking steps, remaining battery, and other information. For the simple analog dial go with Chronograph.

6. Photos

Apple Watch Faces

Of course, many users want to watch faces like Photos. As the name says, you can set a customized image on the main screen. In the market, Galaxy Watch, MagicWatch 2, Amazfit GTS & GTR, and Wear OS watches offers custom watch faces. In the dial, you can select the best image from the Gallery and set it in the background. This way, you will not get bore and change the wallpapers frequently.

7. Siri

Apple Watch Faces

If you like to take more help from the voice assistant then set the Siri as a watch face. It is good that Apple has introduced Siri on Apple Watches as a personal assistant. Siri will help you to provide all the answers by using cellular data. Get all types of information that you receive on your iPhone or iPad devices. You can seek to receive weather information, sports update, fitness advice, share market, and much more information.

When you enter into the Apple Watch Series 5 App Store, then you will see thousands of watch faces. These are 7 must-have watch faces for Apple Watch Series 5. In the next article, we will add more dials, when you encounter new watch faces.