Best Apps for Amazfit GTS 4 & GTR 4

There is no Pro model this year from Huami or Zepp Health, and we don’t think we need one. The new Amazfit GTS 4 & GTR 4 is packed with most of the premium features that cut the need for one extra phone with a heavy price tag. In the same price range, both watches offer multiple features for the end-users. The previously opened app store is one of them, which will bring more creativity for the Amazfit watch users.

It is the first phase of the Amazfit App Store with some basic but essential apps and tools. With Amazfit GTR 3 Pro, the company announced a new app store. Now the store is growing slowly, witnessing new apps every week. From that selective apps, we have collected some best apps for Amazfit GTS 4 & GTR 4. You can use them for different purposes, but don’t expect more from them at this point.

Best Amazfit GTS 4 & GTR 4 Apps

Amazfit GTS 4 & GTR 4 Apps

1. Compass

Compass app is probably the most useful app for travelers or adventurers. In new areas or unknown places, it shows us the right path with its pointing stick. Obviously, the main purpose of having a compass tool is must know the directions. The app will show where is North, so you can find the exact direction in your adventure. Download the app from the Amazfit store.

2. Home Connect

The Home Connect is what Google Home is for Wear OS and SmartThings for Galaxy Watch users. Using the app, users can control their smart home appliances, gadgets, speakers, refrigerators, bulbs, fans, TVs, and other devices. It will be easy for you to control all the devices from one place. It is a good app, but still, there is space to grow with new features. Recently, Samsung added many features to its watches in this area.

3. Notify for Maps

Again one more essential app for the Amazfit GTR 4 & Amazfit GTS 4 lineup. In the latest update, Galaxy Watch 4 & Watch 5 has received an independent Google Maps app. Though these watches don’t have Google’s app, it has now a new one to complete the need. It may be not perfect to compare to maps and navigation, but you can find the way by using it.

4. Calculator

It is a common feature for every smartphone, tablet, or computer, but not for smartwatches. Many watches these days lack basic functionalities and Amazfit is one of them. With this simple calculator, you can make basic maths. With time, the developers may add more functions. You can have the Calculator app from the store.

5. BMI

In the early phase, it is the first app in the health category. Along with Pregnancy Assistant and GoPro Camera, it launched in the early days of the app store opening. You have to add height, weight, age, and gender to receive your BMI score. Finally, it will give you your ideal weight and health tips to improve it. Besides other pre-installed health functions, you can try the BMI app.

Every month, the Zepp Developers team holds new challenges and incentives to promote new apps. It has now even started paid apps and watch faces to earn extra chunks from the creativity.

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