Best Buy Is Cancelling All Samsung Galaxy Fold Pre-Orders

Update: As confirmed by our many readers, Best Buy have been canceled all the Galaxy Fold pre-orders in US. The retailer has officially stated it on the official Best Buy forum page. If you have pre-ordered Galaxy Fold from Best Buy then you may also have received an email. I will inform you if there is more news about it.

Samsung yet not declared official re-launch date for Galaxy Fold and that is making customers little angry. It has told company will try to launch Galaxy Fold in next month & also requested customers to continue with their pre-orders. Still many customers are cancelling their pre-orders, it is the reason Samsung rewarded all those customers with reward points. Now there is another news which is not in favour of Samsung. The Best Buy is now cancelling all the pre-orders of Galaxy Fold & in return giving $100 savings code to every customer.

Today, one of our reader has send us copy of email, received from Best Buy, which clearly says it is going to cancel all the current pre-orders.

Here is the copy of the email received from Best Buy US,

Dear Lenny,

Thank you for choosing Best Buy to preorder the Galaxy Fold. As a valued Best Buy customer, we want to provide you with an update on your order.
While Samsung continues to make progress in enhancing the Galaxy Fold, a new release date has not yet been announced. Because of this, we want to let you know that we are canceling all current preorders for the Galaxy Fold.

If you are still interested in purchasing the Galaxy Fold, you can request to be notified when the product is available for purchase by visiting our Samsung Galaxy Fold product page here and selecting Notify Me. This will allow us to provide you with the latest updates on Galaxy Fold.

As a thank you for your patience and an apology for canceling your preorder, we are giving you a $100 savings code. You can use this code in our stores or online for a future purchase.

We are working closely with Samsung to deliver the Galaxy Fold to customers as quickly as possible, and we value your continued loyalty to Best Buy.


Your Best Buy Customer Care Team

Galaxy Fold

Check your email and let us know. You can use $100 savings code to shop on Best Buy to purchase other items. Now we think Samsung need to hurry up and come up with official date for Galaxy Fold.