Best Camera Apps for Galaxy S22, S22+ & S22 Ultra

There is no doubt Galaxy S22 series have received top-notch camera sensors. It can produce any images in every condition including night photography. It has a specific community that loves to take different images. Especially, moon shots are very popular on the devices that every user wants to share. The moon shot was first introduced on Galaxy S20 Ultra with its 108MP camera. Since then, Galaxy S21 Ultra, Note 20 Ultra & Galaxy S22 Ultra comes with enhanced 108MP camera sensors.

It is not the only function that grabs attention on these premium gadgets. The new Galaxy S22 series comes with some special features and third-party support to increase the photography level. The support for the Snapchat app, Adobe Lightroom app, and Gallery app gives better experiences. Congratulations to the users to choose the flagship model with fully loaded functions. In this guide, we will explore some of the best camera apps for Galaxy S22, S22 & S22 Ultra smartphones. Take a look one by one for these apps.

Best Galaxy S22 camera apps

1. Expert RAW

Galaxy S22 Camera AppsIn the recent Samsung apps, Expert RAW is the best camera tool that Samsung users have received. The app gives extra wings to the Galaxy S22 trio to capture memorable images. It comes with advanced functions like Linear DNG 16 bit raw with an extended range to get a clear picture in dark areas. It improves indoor clarity and provides advanced modes such as ISO, EV, Histogram, and White balance. The extra lenses UW, wide, Tele, 3x & 10x are also supported in the app. The auto HDR function has now come to the Expert RAW app. It is available in the Galaxy Store.

Download: Expert RAW

2. Snapchat

Galaxy S22 Camera AppsDefinitely, Snapchat is not a photography app for Android smartphones. In recent third-party support, Samsung has opened the door for other apps to get camera access. You can take pictures for Snapchat and share them on social media. With the camera, it will capture clear pictures even in low-light areas. It has more filters, different lenses, and high magnification shooting through space zoom. The optimized images based on the scene recognition function will create rich images. Snapchat fans should use the new functions with Galaxy S22 series.

Download: Snapchat

3. Photoshop Express

Galaxy S22 Camera AppsAll the Adobe softwares are advanced and a must-have for every device. On computers or laptops, we have used Adobe apps to edit the images. The app Photoshop Express from Adobe is now available on new Samsung phones. It is helpful to highlight a subject, create a striking contrast, remove unwanted objects or elements, remove noise, fix crooked images, and apply the blur. It also provides various effects, filters, and spot healing features. It is all in one pack for new smartphones.

Download: Photoshop Express

4. Google Camera

Galaxy S22 Camera AppsIt is the best creation from Google for Android devices. It doesn’t support all smartphones, except some flagship models. It was exclusively developed for Pixel phones, but it works with Galaxy S22 series. Two years ago, when users were unable to find the best camera app, the Google Camera app come to rescue them. It was the first choice for most of the users, though now Expert RAW and Adobe apps have given a challenge to it. It has every function to take your photography to next level.

Download: Google Camera

5. Lightroom

Galaxy S22 Camera AppsAnother app to make partnership with Samsung. Both companies have joined together to improve your camera skills. You can import your Expert RAW or other camera images to the Adobe Lightroom app and edit them. It helps to edit the images without hurting other areas or important details. It offers stunning effects, color grading, 150+ presets, advanced AI support, and camera capture modes. For the promotion, Galaxy S22 users can use the free Adobe Lightroom trail for a month.

Download: Lightroom

6. YouCam Perfect

Galaxy S22 Camera AppsIt is the old player in Android Play Store. I still remember I was using YouCam Perfect app since Galaxy J4 Prime. It is ads supported camera app that gives more options to photography. The app includes over 1000+ filters, frames, stickers, object removals to apply to your selfies, collages, and group photos. Most of the features are available for free, and to unlock premium features you have to spend some money. You should try YouCam Perfect app on your Galaxy smartphones.

Download: YouCam Perfect

Most users don’t require third-party camera apps to tweak their photos or videos. Some users always make experiments with camera photography and those users can use these apps.