Best Camera Phones for Creative Photography

The camera is the main deciding factor for every smartphone, and customers always give preference to the phone with an intelligent camera. Smartphones nowadays are equipped with superior cameras, and it reduces the burden of carrying a standalone camera with you. Various manufacturers produced smartphones with the 48MP camera onboard, which enables you to click the best shot with much comfort.

Camera aspect of smartphones is eventually getting better with advanced technology like AI and camera phones are starting to compete with the DSLR cameras. Smartphone equipped with incredible camera allows you to capture professional photos, shoot videos of high standards.

Smartphones from manufacturers like Google, Huawei, and Samsung, along with others, are redefining the concept of smartphone photography and pushing the boundaries to the new level. However, a plethora of manufacturers and devices made it complicated to decide the best camera phone. Here we are providing you the list of top 10 best camera phones for photography.

Best camera phones for better picture quality:

1. Galaxy S10 series

Best Camera Phones

It is the latest flagship series from Samsung which comes with pretty enough features onboard and the exceptional camera quality. Samsung offered an incredible camera with the set, which enables you to take standard pictures even in low light visibility. The dual 12MP main camera setup for the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ with the remarkable f/1.5 aperture makes it the perfect combination for low light photography.

All the three devices in the series feature the excellent selfie camera with features like Dual Video call, Night Mode, Live Focus Mode, Super Slow-Motion Mode, Google Camera support, and Auto HDR. Galaxy S series designed with high standards, and it is the pricier option.

2. iPhone XS, XS Max & iPhone XR

iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR series are best as well as an expensive option, and it comes with a high-quality camera and all the latest features. iPhone XS Max and XS are equipped with dual 12MP sensors at the rear side one for telephoto. Both for optical image stabilization whereas the iPhone XR comes with the 12MP rear camera.

The series comes with the 7MP front camera on board which enables you to capture the best selfies. iPhone X series accommodates the best camera and lets you create the perfect Apple ecosystem. Catch the low light shots with high standards compared to other iPhones.

3. Google Pixel 3 XL

With the Pixel series, Google set the benchmark for smartphones with incredible camera aspect and other powerful features. It accommodates the best Android camera and can beat its rivals in all aspects. The smartphone comes with 12.2MP primary camera along with dual-LED flash and Panorama features.

Google Pixel 3XL has an 8+8MP dual selfie camera with an Auto HDR feature. The smartphone can give you an incredible and sharper quality picture. Whether it is professional or casual photos, the smartphone assures you of the fantastic quality.

4. Samsung Galaxy A80

Best Camera Phones

Samsung smartphones are the best deal for the customers as they are equipped with pretty enough features to create a perfect ecosystem at your hand. When we come to the camera, Galaxy A80 comes with a 48MP camera on the backside along with the 8MP ultrawide lens.

The device features a motorized rotating triple camera module on the front side. You can capture the best pictures with the smartphone and share them with friends on social media.

5. Huawei P30 Pro

It is one of the best smartphones which features various incredible features and outperform its rivals on multiple aspects. The primary camera of the device is one of the exciting features, and surely it has gained wide popularity for it. Huawei P30 Pro features a Quad camera on the backside which cumulatively powerful 68MP incredible camera with excellent zoom capability as well as image processing.

Indeed, this smartphone is a fantastic pack of camera features and offers a 32MP selfie camera with HDR features. You can capture the best pictures and shoot videos, even in low light conditions.

6. OnePlus 7 Pro

Best Camera Phones

OnePlus 7 Pro has the groundbreaking camera technology that enables you to click with confidence anytime and any conditions. The smartphone offers a triple camera setup as the primary camera with 48MP+8MP+16MP, including an 8MP telephoto lens with 3x zoom capability and 16MP ultrawide lens.

On the front side, it features motorized pop-up 16MP selfie camera which can make it ridiculously convenient to capture selfies. OnePlus 7 Pro can beat significant rivals like Apple and Samsung in-camera as well as other features.

7. Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Galaxy Note 9 is Samsung’s flagship smartphone that features an excellent display and offers an excellent camera. The device sports a dual 12MP+12MP camera setup, one of which is a telephoto lens with 2x optical zoom capability.

It has an 8MP selfie camera with Dual video call and Auto-HDR feature. The camera quality of the device is impressive and produces the best picture and videos. The Galaxy Note 10 & 10+ will soon enter into the market with even advanced camera lenses.

8. LG G7 Plus ThinQ

The device is best in camera performance and features the superior quality camera that enables you to take the perfect shot at any moment. LG G7 Plus ThinQ has the 16MP+16MP dual-camera setup as the primary camera, and it comes ultra-wide angle.

The exciting feature of the device is that it empowers you to shoot cinematic videos in HDR10. It makes it the best option for cinematographers. You can also take the pictures in low light visibility as the device is improved to perform well in low light conditions.

9. Google Pixel 3a

It is the best camera phone that Android lovers can think about, and it offers the innovative Google ecosystem for perfect shots. Google Pixel 3a features the single 12.2MP primary camera which enables you to capture the best chance with its intelligent camera algorithm.

The device offers an incredible camera with the potential to compete with major manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, and Huawei. On the front side, the invention provides the single 8MP selfie camera with an HDR feature. The capability for low-light visibility shots and wide-angle selfies are other interesting features packed with the device. It is a Google phone, so you expect Google Camera support for better picture creation.

10. OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition

Best Camera Phones

It is a special edition of the device and comes with various impressive features including a big enough display. Like the OnePlus 6T, it also offers a Dual camera of 16MP+20MP as the primary camera with Dual-LED flash, HDR and Panorama features.

OnePlus 6T McLaren edition features a 16MP selfie camera with an HDR Auto-HDR feature. The device features the best camera, which is capable of producing the perfect picture.

These are the best camera smartphones that have the incredible inbuilt camera that saves your efforts to carry DSLR. All these smartphones equipped with all the advanced features and technology.