Best Features For Samsung Gear IconX Came In New Update

Samsung Gear IconX (2018) gadget has got new software update, brings it to the new heights. Samsung always care about its all gadgets including earbuds & fitness equipments. This month company has released software updates to Samsung Gear Sport, Samsung Gear S3 & the older Samsung Gear S2 in Samsung smartwatch category. Apart from it, company has released many small updates for Samsung Tizen Smartphones for the better usability & the security. The new earbuds Gear IconX has received some important features to customize better listening experience.

The first important feature is ‘Equalizer’ which will allow earbud users to switch in 5 different audio frequencies. You can switch in between Bass Boost, Soft, Dynamic, Clear and Treble Boost audio choices. The list is made for every mood so anyone can listen it according to their moods. This feature was missing on previous version. The ‘Wireless Transfer’ option will allow you to send music library or many songs at a time to the device. It is now much easier to transfer songs without any cable.

Samsung Gear IconX

The new ‘Ambient Sound’ option to choose how much sound you want to let in into your ears. It is very helpful when you are roaming outside. It will let you listen outdoor sounds so you could repond to them. It allows to enter some percentage of outdoor sound without compromising inner sound. The other ‘Voice Focus’ amplifies sound when you are indoor. Inside the home or office you can enable Voice Focus feature for the best results.

The new setting in Gear IconX will lock your earbuds to avoid automatic song changes or automatic switch off. It happens many times when we put smartphone in our pocket. To avoid it Samsung introduced new function where earbuds will automatically lock after 30 seconds. As per your need you can unlock this setting to change the songs or turn it off. To get these all features you have to update your Samsung Gear IconX (2018) to the new version which is only 11.12MB in size. To download new update go to Samsung Gear Manager App on your device.