Best Features on New Apple Watch Series 4

Apple officially revealed its new wearable in its series of smartwatches, Apple Watch Series 4. In the special event, along with iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone XR, Apple launched its 4th generation smartwatch. This watch comes with various changes in its design and features over its predecessor versions. It is now more stylish and redesigned with latest updates and technology to comfortably suit for the customers demands. There are some important features added to the smartwatch along with change in design and it has the latest software.

Let’s see the important features of the Apple Watch Series and new changes in the smartwatch. Many tech experts have given best smartwatch badge to the Apple Watch Series 4 smartwatch and its cutting edge technology & app ecosystem makes worth to it. The main rivalry in smartwatch war will be between Samsung Galaxy Watch & Apple Watch Series 4 in coming days. Here are the best 5 features of new Apple Watch.

1. Bigger & smarter display

Unlike its predecessor versions Apple introduced a bigger and smarter display in this Watch series. Earlier models of Apple watches were available in the size variants of 38mm and 42mm respectively, but in the latest series the users have the option of 40mm and 44mm display size. This new option of bigger size display provides the users the new screen which is 30% bigger than its previous models like Apple Watch Series 3. This will improve the relevance of watch faces for the various function and information.

Apple Watch Series 4

2. More color & wrist band options

New series watches of Aluminium models will be available in Space Grey, Gold and Silver whereas stainless-steel model will be available in Polished or Space Black colors. Now customers will also have the plenty of wrist bands options with this new series. The other most important change in the design is the update in the digital crown which is now equipped for haptic feedback, this makes it the more relevant and functional.

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3. Faster Apple S4 processor

The newest and most important change in this series is the latest Apple S4 Dual-core processor which is 2 times faster than its previous versions. Apple’s latest series will run on the new Watch OS 5 software that is improved for various activities like health tracking and others. According to Apple the battery life for this smartwatch will be long enough like the Series 3.

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4. Apple Watch Series 4 has AI features

Apple Watch Series 4 contains some advanced features which are based on Artificial Intelligence and are equipped to help you in critical situations. Such advanced features of this watch are new gyroscope and accelerometer which have high accuracy. Gyroscope sensor is set to detect all the motions inside the watch so that it might ask you for help in case of emergency like if you fall or slip. The Siri will automatically call the emergency services in case you are response-less for a minute after fall.

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5. More advanced tracking features

New smartwatch of Apple is all set to track and monitor your heart rate. The Apple Watch Series 4 is built with electrical heart rate sensor that is called electrocardiography. The new ECG app in the watch monitors your heart with improved heart rate tracking capabilities and alert you about potential health issues.

FDA has approved that the Apple’s latest smartwatch has promising health tracking features which will surely benefit the US customers. Even with all this improved functions and display size and despite of these mixed usages, Apple promised that the users will get the same battery life which is available for its previous version like Apple Watch Series 3.

The new Apple Watch Series 4 is more promising than the previous Watch Series 3 & 2 devices. The price for the new model is much costlier than the predecessors, but advanced features makes worth to buy it. The new Apple Watch will directly compete with Samsung Galaxy Watch, Gear S3, Android Wear Watch and Fitbit watches in the market. As per your requirement you can choose which smartwatch you need to purchase.