Best Fitness Apps for Galaxy Watch 4 & Watch 5

With advanced smartwatches, it has become easy to track your health and work on it. The devices give you more options to measure your routines and guide you throughout the day. The Galaxy Watch 4 & Watch 5 offers you plenty of fitness-centric features. The ECG is to get AFib results, body composition to check all the essential parameters, stress to measure your stress level, SpO2 to track blood oxygen level, and blood pressure to see your sugar level. Along with it, there are many features like daily activities, and third-party apps available to control your health.

On Galaxy Watch 4, Watch 5 & Watch 5 Pro, there is a total of 90 workout modes to perform daily activities, some of which support automatic detection. Though Galaxy Watches are highly recommended to use to achieve health goals, you need some third-party fitness apps. The bunch of best fitness apps available in the Play Store to take care of your health plans.

We will go through some of these Wear OS 3 apps to get the most from the Galaxy Watch 4 & Watch 5 series. They will help you to make a proper diet, how much you need to sweet and how much you have gained from your exercises.

Best Galaxy Watch 4 & Watch 5 Fitness Apps

1. MyFitnessPal

Galaxy Watch 4 Fitness Apps

It is a food tracker app to keep eye on your daily food consumption. It has a library of almost all foods and their nutrition. It is easy to find workouts, but it is not easy to track your daily food source, so you get the most from your activities, That’s where the MyFitnessPal app comes in to help you.

You can log in to food dairy, detailed insight into nutrition, and get a calorie counter, macro counter, and health tracker. Get a balanced diet, and come into healthy habits. It also offers premium content with a 1-month free trial.

Install: MyFitnessPal

2. Fitify

Galaxy Watch 4 Fitness Apps

The Fitify workout app promises you to perform all the exercises at home by removing the need for gym pieces of equipment. It has over 900 workouts that you can perform to build muscle, lose weight, burn fat & gain strength.

The Fitify includes one of the best fitness plans and 15 minutes daily workout sessions with HD video demonstrations. You can join HIIT, yoga, Tabata, cardio, and strength training with video exercises. You will get plenty of workouts in the free version, and in the Pro version, you can unlock some more.

Install: Fitify

3. Fitbod Workouts & Fitness Plans

Galaxy Watch 4 Fitness Apps

The Galaxy Watch 4 & Watch 5 variants have nearly 90 workout modes, though we are recommending you Fitbod Workouts & Fitness Plans app. The Samsung exercises are only there to start and perform the activity, but you will not get personal guidance from them. And here you can use the Fitbod app to get the most from the exercises, reps & weights.

You can go through plenty of video sessions, and also detailed articles. It gives personal training, tracks your progress, and loses or gains weight, muscle & body.

Install: Fitbod

4. Keep Trainer

Galaxy Watch 4 Fitness Apps

It is an award-winning app for the Galaxy Watch that launched for Wear OS recently. It has won Google Play Best App of 2018 & Google Play Best Self Improvement App of 2018 awards for its service. Don’t go with its name or its free services, instead try all the features, and decide for yourself.

As the name defines, it works with you to keep you motivated and energized. It includes over 400 exercises with video guidance and personal plans. Most of its health features are free to use, working fine on both watches.

Install: Keep Trainer

5. Komoot

Galaxy Watch 4 Fitness Apps

Before launching for Wear OS, the Komoot app was available in the Tizen Store. It is still available for the Tizen watches, but after Samsung’s new Wear OS watch, it launched in Play Store. It is a perfect route planner for hiking in the mountains, climbing, and road cycling. It uses GPS to track turn-by-turn navigation to plan your trip.

It allows you to download maps offline to plan a route and never miss it. It is not a direct health app, but it will motivate you to come outside and make healthy habits.

Install: Komoot

6. Adidas Running

Best Galaxy Watch 4 Fitness Apps

The primary rival app for Nike Run Club, Adidas Running: Sports Tracker is also available for Wear OS watches. It launched at the beginning and gets major updates now and then. The app lets you track all your fitness training in a single dashboard.

You can plan daily workouts and gets tips on them. It supports Cardio, Sports, and Running activities with GPS tracking. See daily fitness stats, and social sparks, track multiple sports, get fitness tips, connect with other devices, and more with the Adidas Running app.

Install: Adidas Running

These are the best fitness apps for the Galaxy Watch 4, Watch 5 & Watch 5 Pro. Samsung has installed advanced sensors on the watches, which are capable to track all your movements including workout details. With the pre-installed apps & services, use these third-party health apps to achieve your fitness goal.