Best Smartphones to Buy in 2020

Back in the days, we had limited choices to purchase the best phone in our budget. After the fierce competition in the market, most of the companies launched mobile phones at a low price. It was the start of OnePlus, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo & Huawei to show their new models for the first time customers. As a result, Samsung & Apple had to come in the mid-range segment to compete with these new rivals. The Galaxy A50 & iPhone SE is the best example of both companies. The prices for many premium smartphones have sliced and now you can buy flagship smartphones at a reasonable price.

The launch of 5G, 4K display, powerful processor, 12GB of RAM, 108MP camera and bigger screen are now new trends in the mobile market. All customers want these features on their premium devices but don’t want to deal with prices. The 5G internet is not available in most countries but still, you can choose to have for the future. In 2020, many cities will ready for 5G networks, and 5G phones will be the best value for your money. We will update this list for the users that are waiting in line to buy their first flagship phone. Here is a list of best smartphones to buy in 2020.

Best premium smartphones in 2020

1. iPhone 11 Pro Max

Best Smartphones in 2020

If you have big saving & want to buy or the next two years, then iPhone 11 Pro Max is the best option for you. It is the best Apple phone in the market and it is the most priced smartphone for $1099 in the market. You can go with Apple smartphone if you are die hard fan of Apple fan. If you are not, then still you can choose it for your next premium device. The iOS App Store has plenty of apps & games to entertain you and to complete all your tasks. The larger 6.5-inch screen, 12MP camera, A13 chipset, and battery life for a day are the best option for you.

2. OnePlus 7T Pro

The one company that stole most of the customers of Apple & Samsung is OnePlus. You will see top-notch features on any OnePlus smartphones and the new OnePlus 7T Pro is a monster device in the market. OnePlus 7T Pro could be your next smartphone if you are not in the line for iPhone 11 or Galaxy Note S20 series smartphones. You can buy it for $839 on Amazon and the little brother OnePlus 7T will be yours if you pay $557 on Amazon.

3. iPhone XR

Last year’s premium phone from Apple to tackle in the mid-range segment. It had launched along with iPhone XS & iPhone XS Max devices as an optional phone for these two devices. It is a one-year-old device but still, it beats many phones available out there. When it landed in the US that time it was priced at a much higher price than the current slashed price. The latest iPhone XR offers a 6.1-inch screen, 12MP camera, and the fastest A12 processor. It is available in the US for $470 if you choose to buy a 64GB version.

4. Galaxy Note 10

You can buy the Galaxy Note 10 series device for its S Pen support. It is the best phone to draw anything on the screen and share it with your friends or colleagues. Since the first Galaxy Note device, Samsung has improved S Pen usage. The big screen, monster battery, 12GB RAM, 12MP camera and the S Pen support will make it even better. You can purchase it on Amazon for $999 for an unlocked version.

5. Galaxy S10+

Best Smartphones in 2020

After the launch of Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+ & Galaxy S20 Ultra, Samsung has dropped the prices of the last generation Galaxy S10+ smartphones. At the best price, you can buy a flagship phone that will in the race for another year. It runs on the Android 10 version by beating most of the other flagship mobile phones. It is the best premium smartphones in the market available for $849 in most countries. It surpasses the competition with excellent camera quality, bigger battery, faster processor and crystal-clear display.

All these smartphones are the most selling flagship devices in the market. We have covered premium devices from Apple, Samsung but which are really top-notch smartphones in the last year or in 2020. We will add more mobile phones on the list when there are better devices in the market. You can suggest to your favorite flagship devices and we will make sure to add here.