Top 10 Games for Galaxy S21, S21+ & S21 Ultra

With the implementation of Exynos 2100 & Qualcomm Snapdragon 888, the Galaxy S21 series will shine in gaming performance. Both the chipsets are more than 20% better than their predecessors and as result, you can expect buttery performance. There wasn’t any issue with last-generation models like Galaxy S20, Galaxy Note 20, or Note 10. The fact is, we always need a beast to play all the games without worrying about its battery life and glitches. The Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+ & Galaxy S21 Ultra have all these combinations.

In the hundreds of addictive games, you can choose any high-quality games and play them on huge 6-inch plus displays. It is not all about high power, more RAM & longer battery life, but also all the other things that matter most. With these 2021 year flagship phones, yes, Samsung has done a great job by giving ultra-fast phones.

You can play Free Fire, Fortnite, PUBG, or other games that engage you. To make it complete, I will present you with the top 10 games for Galaxy S21, S21+ & S21 Ultra smartphones. All the free, freemium & paid apps are listed out below.

Best Galaxy S21 Ultra Games

1. Fortnite

Best Galaxy S21 Games

The main reason to put this game on the list is because of its availability in the Galaxy Store. After the ban of Fortnite in the Google Play Store & iOS App Store, it has been removed from all devices. Luckily, the ban is not from Samsung, and that’s the reason, you can download it from Galaxy Store.

It is hailed by many reviewers and players due to its engaging gameplay. It will drop on the remote island and you have to do everything to survive. Use combat techniques, any kind of weapons, and other skills to survive.

Get: Fortnite

2. Zombeast

Best Galaxy S21 Games

First-person shooter games are these days coming with online or internet requirements. The Zombeast is optional for that. It will allow you to play in offline mode. Yes, those good days, when you don’t need an internet connection. Now coming to the gameplay, it is the zombie apocalypse.

You have left in the city full of zombies. Stay alive as long as you can and kill the enemies with your mighty weapons. Learn many skills, because enemies come in many shapes. The game shop will let you choose a variety of weapons and upgrades.

Get: Zombeast

3. Tiny Robots Recharged

Best Galaxy S21 Games

The crazy scientist has taken all your friends to its laboratory to make some experiments. It is necessary to find them before it’s too late. To search for them, you have to solve some puzzles, some easy & some difficult. Finally, those are your friends, so you don’t have other choices.

The friends are not far away from your destination. Those all have tied up somewhere in the park, but you have to find them. The Tiny Robots Recharged game is available for free in the Play Store.

Get: Tiny Robots Recharged

4. Tacticool

Best Galaxy S21 Games

The Tacticool is a 5v5 combat game and it is highly inspired by today’s online games. The environment and the characters are little cartoonists, but this is not an impressive area here. The game is high-standard and engaging in its gameplay. Voice chat with your friends, make a team and play against the other members.

The game shop includes everything that you need to win the battle. It received the best competitive game in 2019, and I think, it is enough for you to try it once. The downloading is free, while you have to unlock many items via the IAP system.

Get: Tacticool

5. Stickman Master

Best Galaxy S21 Games

The new role-playing game in the Play Store to offer you PvP battle. In the gameplay, play the role of ninja master and win the battles, quests, and other challenges. With the winning price, you can unlock many items and the premium services will bless you with worthy items.

It gives the power to choose the best armor, better health, and the pet to concur with the monsters. The Stickman Master: League of Shadow – Ninja Fight is available for less than a dollar in the store.

Get: Stickman Master

6. Aerofly FS 2021

Best Galaxy S21 Games

It is a newly added game in 2021 that will let you fly high in the sky. The simulation game is another chapter in the popular Areofly FS series. It offers to fly some of the best airplanes around the world over the US states. There are over 200 airports in the states of Arizona, Nevada & California to land the planes.

You can fly it in the 300000 square mile area and discover new areas. Yes, for the newbies, there is a classroom where you can learn how to control the plane. The beautiful graphics, airplanes like Boing 777 & Airbus A320, wonderful lands, and smooth gameplay are the worthy part of it. The game is quite expensive and available for $11.99.

Get: Aerofly FS 2021

7. The Legacy

Best Galaxy S21 Games

In the museum, when you are looking at the Mayan artifacts, something moved suddenly. The object has opened another door and you or your character has found herself in another civilization. It has opened a gate to another planet with great civilization. Play the part of Diana and find out how you can come back to your home.

In this adventure game, use your all skills and all the help to return safely. The Play Store has very few titles like The Legacy: Forgotten Gates. The Legacy is a free-to-play game for the unlocking process you have to pay the price.

Get: The Legacy

8. Soul Knight

Best Galaxy S21 Games

The magical stone or the balance of the world is in danger because aliens have stolen it. For world peace or its existence, the return of the magical stone to the earth is important. Of course, as the trusted hero, you now have to defeat the non-Earthians and bring back it. Explore the dungeon, grab some weapons and squash them all.

The graphics & visual effects with smooth gameplay will not disappoint you. With the high ratings, Soul Knight by Chili Room will give you a new experience.

Get: Soul Knight

9. Drift Max Pro+

Best Galaxy S21 Games

With the Drift Max Pro+, the developer’s team has tried to compete with its rivals like Asphalt 9, Real Racing 3 & Need for Speed. These days, all racing games come with rich graphics and stunning visual effects. In the end, the user’s experience matters most.

In the Drift Max Pro+, you will see different cities across the world, powerful & stylish cars, worthy upgrades, and many more. For a trial, you can get it free, and purchase in-app items to upgrade your beast.

Get: Drift Max Pro+

10. The Gardens Between

Best Galaxy S21 Games

It is a puzzle game that is hailed by many game reviewers and is now one of the most trending games in its category. Two friends have left alone on the dream island where they will see their childhood object. It is now they will learn which objects or memories they should let go of and which moments they must capture.

I am not recommending this game because most of the reviewers have given it positive reviews, but because it is heart-touching. The Gardens Between is available for $4.99, and you can play it offline.

Get: The Gardens Between

The Galaxy S21, S21+ & S21 Ultra devices are 2021’s best flagship smartphones. If you want to compare this series with iPhone 12 Pro Max, then play these games and show the true power. All the games are available in the Play Store, except Fortnite.