Best Apps for Galaxy Watch 4 & Watch 4 Classic

By leaving the Tizen OS, Samsung has finally decided to launch its Galaxy Watches with Wear OS. The new Galaxy Watch 4 & Watch 4 Classic are the first watches to run with the new OS version made in partnership between Google & Samsung. The Wear OS 3 offers top-notch performance with a library to search for valuable apps. As soon as, Samsung developed Galaxy Watch 4 series, many world-class players launched their essential apps in the Play Store. In the Tizen Store, Samsung gained most of the apps from famous developers, but many are still missing.

With the exclusive operating system with no one to compete with Samsung’s services, and flagship hardware we can discuss the new watch. Though there are many factors to discuss, we here will talk about the best apps for your premium watch.

There is no doubt the partnership between both companies will attract more customers as well as developers to bring their apps. It has started, and every day I see many new apps in the Play Store. To make it easy for you, these are the best apps for Wear OS 3-powered Galaxy Watch 4 lineup.

Best Galaxy Watch 4 Apps

1. YouTube Music

Best Galaxy Watch 4 Apps

I can’t stop myself from adding this Google app to the first spot on this page. The YouTube Music app is dream come true for Galaxy Watches. We know that on the Tizen OS, the users might not ever get the Google apps. Now, with the Wear OS 3.5, Galaxy Watch 4 & Watch 4 Classic users can play any songs on the smartwatches.

Download any songs on the device, and listen to them later. Search for any songs, choose from recommended or related songs, and make them a favorite. If you have a premium account of YouTube Music on the phone, then it will sync all the services on the watch.

Get: YouTube Music

2. Strava

Best Galaxy Watch 4 Classic Apps

After ending support for Wear OS 2.0 running smartwatches, Strava has become the only Wear OS 3-supported app. That means, in the market, only Galaxy Watch 4 series will now use Strava fitness services. It is easy to track and measure all your fitness activities with the app. Track running, record routes, map the routes, take the challenge, or analyze all the indoor & outdoor activities.

For the live feedback and to unlock customizable training plans, you can go with a premium subscription. It also lets you synchronize all your fitness data with the Strava app to share with other devices.

Get: Strava

3. Period Tracker

Period Tracker app is one of the popular and most trusted women’s health tools among women users. It is famous in most countries and ranks in the first spot in some of them. The app tracks your menstrual cycle with the period calendar to alert you on those days. It tracks cycles, ovulation, and a chance of conception.

For the users who want to get pregnant or want to avoid, they can almost get accurate information. The Period Tracker app is useful for both women users who get regular or irregular periods.

Get: Period Tracker

4. Samsung Walkie talkie

Best Galaxy Watch 4 Apps

The recently launched app will help you to send private voice chats to your friends. You may feel lonely here if you don’t have any friends on the Samsung Walkie-Talkie app. If they are using it, then you can have fun here. It is simple to use. Open the app, tap & hold on to the start conversation button, and speak. When you are done talking, then simply release the button, and it will be delivered to another person. You can invite any friend, or join the groups. Use the Samsung Walkie talkie app, and have fun.

Get: Samsung Walkie Talkie

5. Music for Galaxy Watch

Best Galaxy Watch 4 Apps

Everyone wants to listen to their favorite music on smartphones, computers, or TVs. The trend now comes to smartwatches. With the apps like YouTube Music, Spotify, Shazam, and Pandora, you can play any track. Though most of the music streaming apps join Galaxy Watch, they come at a heavy price. In the free version, you have to compromise many features such as offline music or ad-free tracks.

To tackle the problem, Samsung has launched a new Music app for Galaxy Watch 4 series. It lets you play any music stored on your smartwatch. Just load the music on the watch using the Galaxy Wearable app, and play it. Galaxy Watch 4 series come with good quality speakers, so you don’t even need a Bluetooth headset or earbuds.

Get: Music for Galaxy Watch

6. Microsoft Outlook

Best Galaxy Watch 4 Apps

The Microsoft Outlook app on Tizen OS-based Galaxy Watch Active 2 & Watch 3 offers all the features. It is not the case with Wear OS 3. The Outlook app on Google’s platform has limited functions compared to Tizen. After the launching of a recent Outlook app update, Microsoft optimized it for the Galaxy Watch 4. It gives you the option to view all your incoming emails and reminders. With the official watch face, you can stay connected with the latest emails and upcoming events.

Get: Microsoft Outlook

7. Komoot

It is a next-level Google Maps or navigation guide. The Komoot – Cycling, Hiking & Mountain Biking Maps app helps you to plan your next trekking. It is very difficult to find a way in the mountain or unknown areas. In that situation, use the Komoot app, and get all the necessary information about the next trip. Get the accurate route, view turn-by-turn navigation, and offline maps in outdoor tracking. You can share your story with other travelers or get the help of others. The first trip is free and for the next, you have to subscribe to the app.

Get: Komoot

8. Spotify

Best Galaxy Watch 4 Classic Apps

The favorite music streaming app of most of the users is on this list too. Spotify has much changed in the last update, which has brought one of the essential functions for users. In the latest app version, you can bring any songs or podcasts to the offline mode to enjoy them later without an internet connection. The catch is you have to buy a premium subscription to download songs, but you can use podcasts. Play your favorite songs, search in any language or follow your singer or brand.

Get: Spotify

9. Sleep Cycle

Best Galaxy Watch 4 Classic Apps

The innovative app in the health industry, Sleep Cycle is now available for Galaxy Watch 4 & Watch 4 Classic. It offers plenty of features to help you get quality sleep in everyday life. Very few of you know that the Snore Detection and Sleep function inside the Galaxy Watch 4 is powered by the Sleep Cycle app. The app will make sure you get enough sleep, and only wake up when you are relaxed. Yes, there is a smart sensor inside the app, which will alarm the phone and wake you up, when you feel energized.

Get: Sleep Cycle

10. Facer Watch Faces

Best Galaxy Watch 4 Classic Apps

Samsung has introduced plenty of watch faces for the new watches, and the Play Store has even more. If you go to the Watch face section, then you will find the best watch faces that suit you. Still, we recommend you to search the huge library of the Facer Watch Faces app. It stored world-class themes for your watch. You get faces in any category to show the true colors of your device. Whether it is informative, whether it is classic or it is digital watch faces, you will get all of them in one place. Some faces are free, and for some, you have to pay.

Get: Facer Watch Faces

11. Line Messenger

It might be the most popular social sharing app in Japan, but there are many users in other countries to use it. In most Asian countries, you will find friends on Line Messenger. It offers all the features that we use on the smartphone app. It allows you to send simple text, use stickers, emojis, voice, video calls, and even GIFs. To start with the app, you have to first download the Line app on a paired smartphone. it also requires an account to chat with friends. If you are a regular user of Line, then install the app.

Get: Line app

12. Honda Connect

In the premium car apps, it is the new entry for Galaxy Watch 4. At the event of Honda City e-HEV, the company showcased what Honda Connect is capable of. You can remotely control the door, AC, boot, rooftop, engine, lights, side mirrors, and boot light. it will show you where you parked your car, and also share the location. with the Car Status option, you can find everything about your car. In the Play Store, its rival apps Kia Connect, Nissan Connect, MG iSmart, and Suzuki Connect are available in the Wear OS market.

Get: Honda Connect

These are the start of Galaxy Watch 4 & Watch 4 Classic in the real world. With time, I am sure the Play Store for Wear OS will grow even bigger. The WatchOS platform now has a large number of apps for the Apple Watch. In the coming days, we can see the same number of apps for Samsung’s Wear OS 3-powered Galaxy Watch series.