Best iOS 12 Features – Performance, Speed, Security

Apple has introduced the update in Operating System and bring the new iOS 12 for its users across the globe. This new OS is compatible with all the Apple devices which have iOS 11, that includes all the iPhones released after iPhone 5S and iPads. That means the newer devices iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPad Pro, iPad Mini and last year’s all models will run on it. The iOS 12 is intended to bring some latest changes in the devices like improve the performance of the Apple smartphones and make them faster and more efficient than earlier. The Apple users that have the compatible devices for this version will get it through updates and this version will be inbuilt in the upcoming iPhones and iPads.

The new software version will bring some promising changes in the devices as it’s main focus is towards the performance improvement. iPhones will be able to launch apps faster than its predecessor versions and will be launching camera with efficiency. The new Operating System has thus committed towards the overhaul in the performance of the devices and has several new important features. Here we are listing some important features of new iOS 12 software version.

iOS 12 Features

1. Performance

It is the main focus behind the introduction of this new Operating System for the users. Your iPhones and iPads will become faster, reliable and responsive. This new version is meant for the devices after iPhone 5S and iPad Air. After switching to the new update users will experience 40% faster app launching, up to 50% more faster keyboard display, 70% faster camera swiping and smoother animation. In the iOS 12 Apple is focussed on the optimization of the system.

2. Notifications

Now it become easier to know which notification on your device is more important by just having a look on the screen of your iPhone. In this new version message threads and notifications are grouped together to make it smoother for the customers handle the notifications. You will receive critical information alerts even in do not disturb mode. The users will also get Siri notifications suggestions and they can interact with these notifications with your response to the notification. It will let you reply quickly and expression facility will be available by just touching and hold the notification.

3. Photo search & share

You will have the new option of smart photo suggestion, that will help you to find photos with the help of Artificial Intelligence. You can share the photos of many events with the people involved in the photo and sharing suggestion option will match the photos you have received from others with the photos in your gallery with the same events and suggests sharing. The users will have many new options like event search, place search and multiple keyword search. Intelligent photo search enables you search and share your best photos with its effect suggestion that improves the quality of photos.

4. Privacy and security

With iOS 12 you will have many better security options which makes your iPhone well secured and safe. The new Operating System let you enable for the enhanced tracking prevention with various improvements in prevent share button. Your iPhone will automatically suggest you the password which is strong and secure every time you need. These passwords are stored in your device and you can ask Siri any time for this password list. The users will be enabled with security code auto fill choice which reduces the burden of memorising and typing the code.

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5. Siri

The new iOS 12 overhauled Siri completely to match the needs and demands of the users. Siri provides you a better option with its suggestions and you can use Siri for your daily routine works. Add shortcuts to the Siri with your voice on your iPhone and it will suggest you aright thing on the right time. Now Siri has new shortcut features which helps you to create or customise your multi-steps shortcuts.

You can use Siri to find photos and memories with keywords of people, events and scenes included in the photos. The overhauled Siri has many functions to do like it helps you to find your misplaced iPhone and iPad, will let you translate the phrases from different languages and answer your questions about food knowledge.

This is the list of important features that are included in the new iOS 12 that users must know about the changes. With the great overhaul in its System Apple provided excellent deal for the customers with updated and new features that are worth noting.