Best GPS & Navigation Apps for Galaxy Watch 4 & Watch 5

With Wear OS 3, you have every byte of apps & services before other smartwatches. Thanks to Samsung, you can use all the features & services on your Galaxy Watch 4 & Watch 5, specifically apps. The Play Store for Wear OS has thousands of apps and we have covered some of the best for you in our previous article. In this one, we will go through the Play Store in search of the best Maps, GPS & Navigation apps for the Galaxy Watch 4, Watch 5 & Watch 5 Pro. These map-related apps are a must-have for any watch including this one.

The maps, GPS & navigation apps will take care of you when you roam in unknown areas to find your exact location and to guide you to escape. Samsung has provided world-class GPS service, and other developers can take advantage of it.

In another article, I will cover a brief review of its GPS technology and its benefits, but here, I am giving you a list of the best of those apps. By default, Google Maps is already pre-installed on your Galaxy Watch 4, Watch 5 series, and others are available in the Play Store.

1. Citymapper

Citymapper on Galaxy Watch 4

With the Citymapper app, you can get turn-by-turn navigation in major cities and also book a taxi. The choices on Tizen OS were very limited when it comes to navigation apps. On the other hand, Wear OS 3.5 provides more options in this category.

The app has included the world’s most popular cities with transport options. It let you download an offline map for later usage. You can walk with its accurate GPS & navigation system or book a taxi, bus, subway, or other rides. It has been downloaded over 10 million times with 4.8-star ratings.

Get: Citymapper

2. Google Maps

Maps & Navigation Apps Galaxy Watch 4

The king in maps & navigation services is none other than Google Maps. Some users may find it not that worthy and some may use it daily, but we can’t deny its popularity in this segment. Google Maps is a player for more than a decade and has every street, road, place, and another thing in its library.

You can find short routes, turn-by-turn navigation, voice assistance, speed & distance, and all the added spots. It is pre-installed on your watch, so you don’t have to open the Play Store, though you can update it.

Get: Google Maps

3. Komoot

Maps & Navigation Apps Galaxy Watch 4

When it is about city roads or highways, then Google Maps & Here WeGo is no doubt the most popular map apps. When it comes to offline roads and remote areas, then there is another king, and its name is Komoot. Over 10 million users use it in their extreme adventure to find a route and see GPS location.

With its route back and offline trail maps, you can’t just lost in the jungle or hills. In the outdoor adventure, it allows planning perfect return journey. It also has a huge community to help in many situations.

Get: Komoot

4. Radarbot

Maps & Navigation Apps Galaxy Watch 4

It is a somehow different app than the other listed map apps here. With the Radarbot, you can save the fine on the highway. With its detection technology, it will tell you where are the speed cameras on the road and alert you. In all the countries, it is against rules to drive cars at more than the maximum speed limit.

If you break the rule and drive at Overspeed, then the speed camera will detect your car and give you a fine. In such a situation, the Radarbot app will alert you when there is a speed camera on the road.

Note that, in any way, we are not encouraging you to drive your car at the given speed limit. You should drive carefully and in the given rules.

Get: Radarbot

5. Navigation Pro

Maps & Navigation Apps Galaxy Watch 4

The Navigation Pro is powered by Google Maps services. It uses all the services & data of the Google app and provides you maps & navigation. There is no such difference between given features in both apps, though you may notice them in actual usage.

It gives you instructions about roads, places, traffic, live location, turn-by-turn navigation, and more. If you find Google Maps difficult to use on the Galaxy Watch 4, then in the replace, you can use it. It charges $4.99 for the premium features.

Get: Navigation Pro

All the listed apps have been installed on my Galaxy Watch 4, Watch 5 & Watch 5 Pro, and they support without any lags. The benefits of using these apps on the smartwatch, are that you can operate them in driving mode or in other situations where you can’t carry out phones. Tell us your experience with these maps and navigation apps in the comment section below.