Best New Watchfaces For Samsung Gear S3

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier and Samsung Gear S3 Classic are now dominating world market with their strong presence and high quality built-up. It is almost 10 months since it has been selling into the market and now it became most trusted digital watch. It has surpassed Android’s Wear series watches and Apple’s Apple Watches. Initially, everyone were thinking about its quality and the new Tizen system on the board. Now it is clear Tizen is best platform for digital watches to bring new features and its great combination with hardware. The new Samsung Galaxy Watch & Samsung Gear Sport wearable are in the market with better specifications although most of the customers choose Gear S3 rather than Sport watch. Because it is most suitable & most preferred smartwatch by many new customers.

Tizen is very user friendly on to the Samsung Gear S3 watch, makes them powerful and secure brand. Gear Manager store now has thousands of quality apps to work with it. And to make this watch more attractive many developers have developed useful watch faces for it. Watch faces are now must have on Gear S3 series devices. We can use Watch Faces to do lots of things and to put wallpapers or home themes are one of them.

In the recent many developers released their top watch faces on this gadget. If you are not using them then here is the list of all those watch faces. Get these best new Watch Faces for your Samsung Gear S3 Frontier and Gear S3 Classic smartwatches.

1. Sports

Gear S3 Watch Faces

The Sports watch face is made by Samsung. It will show you altimeter, heart rate monitor, speedometer and route information. There is the stopwatch built on it to use while you are running and want to count your time and speed. This watch face comes with 6 different color themes.

2. Trends for Gear

The Trends for Gear face will let you see all the trending tweets from your Twitter account. It will automatically update all the tweets whenever you connect it to the internet. It will show all the tweets on your home screen and you can follow your favorite topic from the setting.

3. Gear O’clock

The Gear O’clock is just a wonderful watch face to make your Gear S3 even better. It will show beautiful theme on your home screen. This face has different themes to choose according to your personality. Gear O’clock is available for both Gear S3 models and you can download it for free.

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4. Ocean Blue

It is another wonderful face for your digital watch. It is so amazing that it will make your device more creative and attractive. The Ocean Blue face is developed by Little Finger Studios. You just use this watch face on your home screen and look how beautiful it is. It is available for both Gear S3 modes.

5. Titan by Slash

It is new watch face from indie developers, created in many avatars. He made many versions of this to show creativity in different ways. By default it comes with black color & it looks amazing on the watch screen. The Titan by Slash is absolutely free of cost in Samsung Gear App manager. To show day, date & time on your watch download Titan by Slash watch face.

6. Vakta_DGB04

Vakta_DGB04 is stylish watch face from Mindon team. It is paid and available for $1 for a limited time. On the main screen it shows alarm, steps, burned calories, S Health, schedule and heart rate. It comes with 6 different themes and with a double tap you can change themes.

7. Ducati Special Edition

Gear S3 Watch Faces

Another mind blowing creation from Apposter for Ducati fans. It has specifically created for new Samsung Galaxy Watch & supports on older watches. The price has set to $2.99, but for a holiday promotion price is decreased to $0.99. It provides analog watch, digital watch, weather, day, date, time and battery percentage. Download the Ducati Special Edition from Galaxy App Store.

These are the best new watch faces for the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier and Gear S3 Classic smartwatches. These all watch faces now available to download from Gear S3 store. If you want to suggest more watch faces for this list then feel free to tell us in comments box below. Also don’t forget to share this article to your other friends.