Best Games to Download first on OnePlus 11 Series

After the huge criticism over the OnePlus 10 series, the company has unveiled the premium OnePlus 11 & 11R. Don’t be shocked! This year you may not see any Pro model in the lineup. The company has decided to make the regular model a new Pro model, and the R series the standard model. The latest OnePlus 11 has everything that you seek in the Pro variant. You can find the best gaming performance on OnePlus 11 & 11R for hours without losing the first rank.

For smooth & rich performance, it includes with Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset, up to 16GB of RAM, a 50MP top-notch camera, and a crystal-clear display. The new specs will not let you down in your gaming session. You can play any game for hours on the new OnePlus 11 lineup. Qualcomm has announced their new chipsets are built for a great gaming experience. To make it easy for you, here are the best games to download first on OnePlus 11 series.

1. Genshin Impact

Best OnePlus 11 Games

These days almost all are talking about Genshin Impact and its visuals. To taste the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, you will not find any other title. I know Galaxy S23 Ultra is having its moments with over-clocked Gen 2 processor, but it is fine to play it with the new OnePlus. In the Genshin Impact, you will be lost with its rich storytelling, spectacular visuals, awesome graphics, and soothing background score.

Install: Genshin Impact

2. Shadow of Death

Best OnePlus 11 Games

Another game to check your gaming ability and your phone’s reach & limitations. In this fighting game, you can choose your unique shadow knights to battle against evil darkness. It is the story of the Aurora kingdom which has fallen due to the ignorance of the king. Now, one knight stands against enemies and frees the kingdom. Collect shadow blades, choose different armor suites, choose a path, and walk on a new adventure.

Install: Shadow of Death

3. The Past Within

Best OnePlus 11 Games

In this first-of-its-kind, two players have to solve mysteries in two different worlds. The Past Within can be played with two players, so you need a partner. One Player will go into the past and the other into the future. They both have to work together to solve puzzles. Developers have tried well with a new concept, and users are liking it. You can also try it, but both users need to buy a game on their smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Install: The Past Within


Best OnePlus 11 Games

If you have enough playing Asphalt 8 & Need for Speed, then the new racing squad is in the Play Store. The RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme is one step ahead in this segment. Like other racing games, it has wonderful tracks, tons of premium vehicles, stunning graphics, and jaw-dropping visuals. One thing that makes it unique is its thrill. It allows you to fire rockets at other vehicles, use shields to protect yours, and participate in race battles.

Install: RACE

5. Nations of Darkness

Best OnePlus 11 Games

In this new strategy game, build your empire in darkness by defending your realm. The Nations of Darkness has plenty of plots and strategies to protect your kingdom. Make friends with vampires, werewolves, hunters, and mages to reach new heights, but be careful as not everyone is friends here. With the good graphics and content writing, it got positive reviews from most of the users. To try something new, download it on OnePlus 11.

Install: Nations of Darkness

6. Sky: Children of Light

Best OnePlus 11 Games

Not all games are meant to race or fight, some do justice to their names by sending a good message to the community. Sky: Children of Light is one such creation that gives immersive joys and positive vibes. It is a journey of humanity in the sky or among stars who had lost their home. The Sky has no limit and you can explore it with your new friends. Start new adventures, listen to new stories, find ancient treasures, and save spirits. It has everything that you can possibly imagine.

Install: Sky

7. Alto’s Odyssey

Best OnePlus 11 Games

It is the successor of Alto’s Adventure and will give the same gaming experience on your device. The new Alto’s Odyssey has improved in many fields compared to the first version. You can see more adventure, beautiful graphics, stunning visuals, characters, music, and content. With a good response, it is still played by millions of users. In this version, you can achieve 180 goals on different levels.

Install: Alto’s Odyssey

The list will go long if I add more games to the list. On your OnePlus 11 you can try these best games.