Best Tips & Tricks for Apple Watch Series 4

Apple watch series 4 is the perfect wearable for the smartwatch lovers, as it accommodates all essential features. It has the innovative design, bigger display, intuitive digital crown and various other incredible features such ECG for heart rate monitoring. Along with these features latest Apple Watch also let you monitor your health and fitness effectively from your wrist. It works as a computer on your wrist and allow you to manage things effectively. You can customize your watch to exploit its full potential for your benefits. Here we will discuss about some simple tricks that enable you to efficiently handle your Apple watch.

1. Talk to Siri

Siri is the voice-based application that recognize your command and let you manage things. Apple Watch series 4 has the intuitive Siri that don’t need to press Digital Crown or say “hi Siri” to get worked. Here you can just raise your hand to bring it near your face and start talking, it will accept your command. This is the effective way to give command and make your Apple Watch more efficient.

2. Update to latest WatchOS to get ECG

Apple Watch Tips

This is the latest firmware version available for the Apple Watch Series 4 that enable the ECG feature on your wrist. For this purpose, open Watch app on your iPhone and get your WatchOS software updated to the latest version. After completing the set up on the iPhone open the app on your Apple Watch and this will give you access to the effective heart rate monitoring feature ECG. To get the ECG report put your finger on the Digital Crown and wait for the 30 seconds. Apple Watch will notify you if there is anything suspected about your heart rate or you have signs of atrial fibrillation. This is the most remarkable feature of this latest version of Apple Watch.

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3. Mute Your Watch

Whenever you get a notification the watch on your wrist make sound which is by default but sometimes it is irritating. If you want to get rid of the notification sound then you can simply mute the watch. To mute your Apple Watch you have to swipe up to reveal the Control Centre and tap on the bell icon to switch to the silent mode. Apple Watch has the incredible haptic feedback feature, switching to silent mode will enable you to buy peace of mind.

4. Infographic Watch Face

As we know that Apple Watch Serie 4 accommodates the bigger display as compared to its predecessors. To exploit the full potential and advantage of this display you can select and customize the Infographic watch face. This watch face enables you to add eight different complications on the screen, to switch to this watch face, Force Touch on the watch face, swipe to the end and add Infographic watch face. This watch face saves your efforts of adding multiple modular watch faces and give you access to all stats, activity and shortcuts etc. at single place.

5. Control Volume Through Digital Crown

Optimized Digital Crown is the incredible feature of the Apple Watch. While you are in Now playing screen for particular app, then you can use the Digital Crown to effectively control the volume that also without even activating the screen. This will work as a shortcut and allow you to manage app efficiently.

6. Reply to Texts from Your wrist

Though Apple Watch doesn’t have a software keyboard for typing but still you can directly reply from your wrist. Apple Watch provides two unique ways to reply for any notification and this feature is enabled for the apps that supports replying from the notifications. To enable this reply feature tap on the notifications and you will see buttons, you can tap on the microphone option to get your speech converted into texts. Other way to reply for notifications is draw letters, you can tap on the A icon to reply the notification by drawing letters on the watch screen. Theses both are the amazing ways to reply quickly for any important texts or notification without using your iPhone.

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7. Answer Calls from Your Watch

Yes, it is true now you can receive calls from your Apple Watch without much efforts. But it is not convenient to talk for a longer period of time through watch. You can transfer the call to iPhone, to do that just scroll up your watch and you will find the option as Answer on iPhone.

8. Disable Notifications

If you are disturbed by the annoying notifications on your Apple Watch thenthere is the quick method to disable these notifications and get rid of them. To disable the notifications from the unwanted apps whenever you get notifications from such apps swipe left on it and select the menu button and just tap the Turn off on Apple Watch option. By this way you can discard the irrelevant notifications from your wrist.

9. Enhance Access to Control Center and Notifications

In the predecessor versions of watchOS it was possible to have access to Notifications and Control Center only from watch faces. But thanks to the latest version that now it can be accessed from anywhere. While you are in the particular app you can just tap and hold on the top or bottom edge until you see the panel. Then to get access with the Control Center and Notification just drag this panel to up or down.

10. Add Music

You can use your Apple Watch to get access with favourite music on your wrist. To add music, open the Watch app on your iPhone and go to the Music section and enable this feature. You can add your favourite playlist or album and to do this tap Add Music option and select the album. In case you have cellular Apple Watch then you can stream any song from Apple Music from anywhere.

11. Customize Control Center

Thanks to the latest WatchOS 5, now you can customize the control center of your Apple Watch according to your priorities. To customize it scroll down to the bottom of the control center and tap on the edit button. This is the best way to get the Control Center customized according to your needs and features.

12. Operate Camera through Watch

You can use your watch to operate your iPhone camera through the wrist. If you open the camera app on your Apple Watch it will instantly launch the camera app on your iPhone. This will let you effectively control the camera of your iPhone such as you can take pictures etc from wrist. This app will work as the remote control for your camera and you can tap on the shutter button on the Apple Watch to capture the photos, videos and use timer. It reduces your effort to change the setting of the camera every time.

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