Best True Wireless Earbuds in 2020

The current year 2020 will be for sure to go to TWS earbuds. Almost all the big players in smartphones & wearables fields are launching new TWS earbuds. In the first half of this year, we have seen flagship earbuds to low budget earbuds like from Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo & Realme. Also, in the second half, companies like OnePlus, Apple & Huawei will launch their premium earbuds. If you have made a decision to buy true wireless earbuds, then the options are varied for your choices. You can get earbuds for active noise canceling, ambient sound, in-built storage, Spotify services, and many other features.

In 2020, most of the earbuds offer ANC or active noise cancellation services as well as Ambient sound mode as the primary function. Though, In-ear headphones like Galaxy Buds+ and other Buds still don’t offer it. The new pair of buds are also able to give you inbuilt storage to store the music and listen to them in offline mode. Getting the right pairs of earbuds is crucial as they must fit into the ear. Also, other factors should be considered before buying them. You can go with our list and purchase your favorite TWS earbuds.

Best TWS earbuds in 2020

1. Galaxy Buds+

Best TWS Earbuds

Excellent in overall quality though it still misses active noise cancellation function. The battery on Galaxy Buds Plus has increased to 11 hours from 6 hours on original Galaxy Buds. The sound quality of the buds+ is better, and the company behind the sound is AKG. The AKG by Harman is a Samsung subsidiary company and launches many sound related products. It is not swim-proof, or ANC enables earbuds but wins the race with perfect sound quality.

2. Apple AirPods Pro

Probably the best earbuds in the market from Apple. It is the most expensive earbuds even when the company introduced in 2019. It costs you $250 in Apple Store or from online retailers, but the fitting design and sound quality worth buying. Where Galaxy Buds+ lacks in features, there you will get all those features on Apple AirPods Pro earbuds. These truly wireless earphones come with active noise cancellation, enough battery life for calling & music, as well as extra bass & wind-free voice.

3. Pixel Buds 2

Best TWS Earbuds

It is the second generation TWS earbuds from Google for Android users though you can use it with the Apple ecosystem. In a single charge, it runs up to five hours, which is much comparable to Apple AirPods. Also, the case gives you an extra 19 hours of battery life. The design is smooth and fits in the ear and good in sound quality. The hands-free Google Assistant is at your command to start the music or start/stop calling on Pixel Buds 2.

4. AKG N400

The true hair of Samsung and beats Galaxy Buds+ in many corners. If you are really fond of active noise canceling & swim-proof features, then you can go with AKG N400. Also, it is cheapest than Buds+ & Apple AirPods Pro and superior in many functions. The Swim-proof feature on AKG N400 will sure the plus point of as many companies don’t offer it. It provides 12 hours of battery life, plus 12 hours with a charging case. In the store, you can buy AKG N400 for $149.

5. Realme Buds Air Neo

Best TWS Earbuds

The Realme Buds Air Neo is the cheapest earbuds by far in the list but compromises in many things. It has super latency mode for gamers, so they don’t get offended while playing their favorite games. Many times while playing high graphics games, earbuds lags, so there come low latency mode. It also has touch gesture controls to operate many services and runs for 3 hours in a single charge. The charging case can store a huge amount of battery power for up to 17 hours—the Realme Buds Air Neo priced at $49.

These are the list of best TWS earbuds from every category. I have added one all-in-one earbud Apple AirPods Pro, then mixed Galaxy Buds+ and then Google Pixel Buds 2 for Android. Also, in the budget price, I have added AKG N400 and the even cheaper or for first-time users to get the taste of earbuds, I listed Realme Buds Air Neo. The choice is yours. You can buy any of the earbuds from Amazon or official websites.