Best Watch Faces for Apple Watch Series 4

Apple Watch Series 4 is now most selling smartwatch in the market. The advanced features, exclusive apps and Apple ecosystem makes it perfect wearable for every user. Apple App Store has a lot of apps, games & watch faces for Apple Watch Series 4 and some exclusive apps like ECG on Series 4 are one unique kind of app on any smartwatch, even Apple Watch Series 3, Samsung Galaxy Watch, Huawei Watch 2 Pro and other Android Wear OS watches don’t have that functionality. The Apple Watch Series 4 is more than that, it is also one of the stylish-watch in the market and its some beautiful watch faces make it even stylish.

In the article, I will cover a few such watch faces for the new Apple Watch Series 4. Some of these faces are here to make the design of the watch even cooler. And some faces come with lots of features. I have combined watch faces from all categories so you can use them all as per your requirement. Here are the best watch faces for Apple Watch Series 4.

Best Apple Watch Faces:

1. Activity Digital

Apple Watch Faces

You have seen Activity Digital watch face on Apple Watch in many events. It is one of the official themes along with with with Activity Analog & other Faces. Set the face and see time, date, activity progress, alarm, heart rate, maps, messages, music, news, now playing & tons of other features. It is the all in one watch face to download and use.

2. Fire & Water

The Fire & Water is for the look, and its stylish themes can change your smartwatch. It comes with fire, water or fire & watercolor options. Along with these features, it shows weather, time, date, heart rate, alarm, maps & music features. The fire & Water is free in the iOS App Store.

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3. Infograph

Meet the official & exclusive watch face for Apple watch Series 4. The Infograph only supports on new 4th generation smartwatch. It shows eight rich full-color complications and dials on the main screen. When you set this watch face on the watch, it looks stunning & beautiful. The other extra features are a battery, find my friends, timer, stopwatch, weather, and other basic functions.

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4. Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse

Apple Watch Faces

The mickey mouse fans can set Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse watch face on their new Apple Watch. The arm of Mickey mouse will show you hours & minutes while its feet will tell seconds. It is even more Mickey mouse will tell you time in its voice. You have to choose its voice from setting. Download this free app from the Apple Watch store.

5. Siri

Siri’s watch face is a voice assistant face, and it will guide you in everything. Want to know the time, set reminder, play music, set the alarm, or open apps. You can do all from Siri watch face, and it well supports on new Apple Watch Series 4. Siri also performs all the basic functions and comes with loads of features.

The list will go on if we add more watch faces from other developers. These are the must-have watch faces, and all come with free of cost. All watch faces well supports on new watch & have all the necessary functions. To download these watch faces on Apple Watch Series 4, go to Apple Watch store & install them. Share the name of your favorite watch face on a new watch in the comment box below.