Best WatchOS 6 Features for Apple Watch

Apple officially revealed Watch OS 6, the latest firmware update for the Apple wearables. This update brings various indispensable features as well as empower users to stay more active. WatchOS 6 will be launched later this year and it will be compatible with devices having iOS 13. In its earlier update last year, Apple also introduced many key features and in the latest version, it added various other aspects and personal new tools. This will enable the customers to effectively manage their daily activities and improves their connectivity with more access to dynamic features. Here we will see the list of latest features introduced in the WatchOS 6.

1. Health and Fitness – Cycle Tracking

Apple watches inspires customers to stay active and manage their lifestyle effectively, fitness is one of the critical dimensions for the purpose. WatchOS 6 brings Cycle Tracking application that enables women to understand patterns related to their menstrual cycle and predict the next period and fertile window through the wrist. The app tracks all the important information relating to the menstrual cycle and also supports to add information of current periods, flows and symptoms like cramps and headaches. This app is also available on iPhone with iOS 13 and later.

2. App Store and Apps

New WatchOS 6 features

This is a major aspect of the WatchOS 6, as it brings a dedicated App Store to the Apple Watch for the first time. It enables users to browse and install apps directly from the wrist, without companion app on the iPhone. Users can search for Apple Watch apps from Siri, dictation or scribble through on-wrist App Store. With WatchOS 6, Apple is also bringing some new apps to the watch that includes Calculator, Voice Memos, and Audio Books. These apps run independently on the watch and save the effort to install the companion app on the iPhone.

3. New Watch Faces

Though Apple not yet offering third-party watch faces, with the latest update it introduces a new dynamic range of watch faces and expands customers available choices. Watch faces comes with the customization feature that enables you to personalize it and has improved access with your favorite apps and information like Solar Dial, Gradient and Numeral faces.

4. Noise Level Detection

The introduction of a new Noise app in WatchOS 6 empowers customers to know about the decibel level in their surrounding environment. Being exposed to too much noise level may negatively impact your health, on-board microphone with the app assess the decibel level and alerts you about the annoying sound levels that may temporarily cause hearing loss. The app monitors the sound level and allows you to efficiently manage your exposure to dangerous decibel levels.

5. Shazam

Apple promised to effectively integrate a sound discovery app Shazam with its voice assistant service, Siri. With the cellular connectivity, this option will enable you to listen to your favorite song directly from the wrist.

Other important features of the WatchOS 6 are, it brings the Voice Memo app to the watch and users can use emojis or Animojis to send messages right from Apple Watches. Audiobook app on the watch lets you listen to Audiobooks directly from the wrist.