Best Waterproof Fitness Trackers for Swimmers

Now a days, smart wearables are actually equivalent to smartphones. Both are the best in features and technologies. Smartwatches are upgrading by technologies as fast as needs taking valuable places in humans’ life. The little versions fitness trackers are not behind the bar. The all trackers are packed with advanced features with the combination of best class hardware. The waterproof fitness trackers are such wearables that every sport person need to try on. With such smart fitness wearables, you can dip into the pool or it would be relief if it fell into the water.

In the market Samsung, Fitbit & Garmin are providing top-notch waterproof fitness trackers for users so here I have highlighted best pool-friendly trackers in your budget. In the list I have focus on IP69 rating gadgets with high ATM rating that waterproofed up to 10 metres of pressure. By this article I am suggesting you the bunch of such devices which are working as pool-friendly smartwatches.

Best Fitness Trackers

1. Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro

Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro fitness tracker is water resistant so you can enjoy it while you are in swimming pool or open water to track your calories burned and your heart rate. It will also help you to measure your various fitness activities. Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro fitness tracker comes with Bluetooth function where you can receive your notifications and make calls without holding your phone. It has location tracker and music storage so you can listen music without holding your phone.

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2. Garmin Vivosmart 4

Garmin is known for high end sports-specific devices. It comes in slim display design, long lasting battery and body battery metric. It also has a tracker which monitors heart rate, energy level and blood oxygen throughout your fitness activity, rather throughout the day. Blood oxygen level and energy level tracker is specially designed for water sports activities like swimming or other because swimming is a game of breath and energy management. It can be purchased up to $129.99.

3. Huawei Band 3 Pro

This smart wrist band is high in pricing but also rich in specifications and high-end technologies. The high-range fitness band’s display screen is little bigger than Huawei Band 2 Pro and also has improved predecessors. You can use this smartwatch at the time of swimming also because it is waterproof. It is available to purchase at stores and costs around $114.

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4. Withings Pulse HR

This fitness tracker smart wearable has great sporty look and has excellent battery life. It is lightweight, slim and has easy to use surface. It is combines with easy to navigate and use under the water. The Withings Pulse HR is best to measure calorie burn & session measurements under the water. The device widely available in market and comes under the budget.

5. Fitbit Charge 3

The Fitbit Charge 3 is now one of the trending fitness tracker in world market, appreciated for its perfection towards fitness goals. It performs under any circumstances and gives you best choices under the water. The easy navigation & plenty of fitness level features can be used by professional as well as newbie. The heart tracking, sleep tracking, Fitbit Pay, swimproof and 7 days long battery power are few strong features of it that you may consider at the time of purchase. Now Fitbit Charge 3 available in world market & you can buy it from online retailers.

All listed fitness trackers are here with one common feature – waterproofing. Although the wearables has excellent features in other areas too. These all comes with power packed battery, fitness apps, heart rate monitor, suitable design and great support with app store. Choose the best waterproof fitness tracker and tell us your experience with us.