Best Wear OS Watches to Buy in 2020

best wear os watch

It is not the year 2018 or 2019, and it is not the same Wear or Android Wear that you used to make fun of it. In the year 2020, Google has really tried to concentrate on the Wear OS ecosystem to minimize most of the low-quality corners. After the release of Android 10, Wear OS has received curated functions, specifically made for the smartwatches and the improvements for the existing features to work better with hardware. If not all the Wear OS watches are up to the benchmark, though the watches like Fossil Gen 5, Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro 3 are more than what you have expected. Now, with the entry of Oppo & Xiaomi, you will see more Wear OS smartwatches in the market.

After when Samsung, Fitbit, and few other companies abandoned Wear OS, companies like Fossil, LG, Puma, and others have stood behind it. Recently, Google has pushed one of the major firmware for watches to bring more stability and speed up the devices. I also think Wear OS is nowhere less than WatchOS, Tizen, or Fitbit OS in any corner. It has a separate Play Store like Apple & Samsung and has App Store & Galaxy Store, respectively. It contains beautiful watch faces, some casual games, and even Google’s essential apps like Google Assistant, Google Fit & Google Pay services. Finally, If you have made a mind to purchase Wear OS smartwatch, then here are the best Wear OS watches in 2020 that you should consider purchasing.

Best Wear OS watch

1. Oppo Watch

best wear os watch

We have listed Oppo Watch on the first rank, even though there are too many watches out there and it is only 2 months old. The reason is, it is a great combination of hardware and software that makes fabulous results. When you get it in the hand then you will feel the extra smoothness while using apps, widgets, or other stuff. You have missed this speed on Wear OS and Oppo will surely help you to miss it forever. Oppo comes with a 1.91-inch screen, Google Pay support, heart rate, sleep, swim, and many other fitness functions. It offers 1GB RAM, 8GB internal storage, and 430mAh battery. In the market, Oppo Watch has priced at $299.

2. Suunto 7

best wear os watch

Suunto 7 is not popular in Asia but in the US & Europe, it is a popular brand. The new Wear OS update has first appeared on the smartwatch to make is superior to the other brands. It provides 12 hours battery life in GPS mode and in the normal mode you don’t have to charge it for 48 hours. The gorilla glass will protect the 1.97-inch screen and you have wide choices of straps for customization. It comes with 15 workout modes and the partnered apps like Strava, Training Peaks, and others are specially curated for it. The watch is expensive and you can buy it for $451on Amazon.

3. Fossil Gen 5

best wear os watch

Probably the best Wear OS in the market is Fossil Gen 5. It is almost one-year-old wearable, though you can buy it for its valuation. It was the true gem of 2019 and now most of us are waiting for Fossil Gen 6 series smartwatches. it offers a 1.28-inch display, 1GB RAM, 8GB storage, full-day battery life with battery power mode, HR tracking, sleep tracking, swim tracking, microphone & speakers are the best features that you can see on the Fossil Gen 5. The watch currently goes on sale for $300.

4. TicWatch Pro 4G LTE

best wear os watch

It is the first Wear OS smartwatch to get a 4G LTE variant. It offers a 1.4-inch screen with US military standard 810G and IP68 swim proof. For the storage 4GB internal storage to save offline music, apps, games and watch faces. Also, you get 1GB RAM to make it faster when loading apps and other services. With the 415mAh battery, you will get 2days life and in the saving mode, it is capable to run up to 30 days. You can use eSIM to 4G/LTE so obviously there is a microphone & speaker to make & receive calls. The TicWatch Pro 4G LTE is available for $223.

5. Skagen Falster 3

best wear os watch

At the beginning of this year, Skagen has come with a Falster 3 smartwatch. The stainless steel & silicone touchscreen makes it one of the best-looking watches. It offers a 42mm display and in the storage, you will get 4GB internal memory and 1GB RAM for the buttery performance. The battery life is not disclosed by the Skagen, however, it charges 80% battery in an hour with the quick charging technology. The Wear OS by Google will allow you to download apps & games from Play Store. In fitness, you can track HR, sleep, swim, and other exercise modes. You can buy Skagen Falster 3 for $345.

Next month, means in October, the new Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro 3 is coming with Qualcomm Snapdragon 4100 chipset. The Mobvoi watch will also offer some innovative functions. In the other news, Mi Watch Revolve & Vivo Watch will launch in global markets. You can buy these all smartwatches from most of the online retailers for the fair prices.