Book Your Taxi Online With Ola Cabs On Tizen Smartphones

The new Ola Cabs: Book Taxi in India app just entered on to the Tizen platform to let users book their taxis online. Now with this app Indian users can demand taxi whenever they need with the fair prices. This is the second app in Tizen Store which offers online taxi services, before it we had Uber services to make a ride. At the moment Uber App is only accessible through Gear S3 and Gear S2 gadgets. It may come soon into Tizen Store.

With the launch of Ola app now those users will get benefits who had been using Ola money account since they launched Ola money in India.

The Ola Cabs is very popular taxi service in India, according to their recent study there are 150,000 users booking their Cabs everyday. They have more than 200,000 cars in 85 cities and plans to increase these numbers in more cities.

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To book your taxi just open your Ola app and choose your location. You can see distance of your location by the help of live map, now select nearest cab to you and book it. Within few minutes cab will reach to your current location or you can check your taxi’s current status using map. There are three options to choose your cabs, choose mini van or get prime services, it depends on you and charges are also different.


For the user’s safety company provides all the details of drivers and their records so users will feel comfort in the ride. You can check status of your destination and remaining time to reach. Pay only after you reach to your location, the app can give you discount so don’t forget to check it.

The Ola Cabs app is now present in store, if you are the person which are always come late to your home then this app might help you. The app supports on Samsung Z4 and previous Tizen phones.

It helpful for those customers which goes to shopping or want to reach Airport, Railway station or bus stop on time. The Ola Cabs app is trusted online taxi service in India and you can use it to make your ride. The app is easy to use on all Tizen Smartphones.