Buy Samsung Gear S3 & Gear Sport With $70 Price Discount

The Samsung Gear S3 & Samsung Gear Sport smartwatches are now available with some discount price. Both gadgets goes on sale in US from all major online retailers. Samsung Gear Sport & Samsung Gear S3 are now available with $70 discounts. The Gear S3 was originally priced at $350 and now with price slash it is available for $280. The new Samsung Gear Sport was priced at $300 and now with price cut it is available for $230. The major online retailers in US – Amazon & Best Buy is offering this discount on thier websites. Customers can also get discounts from Samsung’s US website.

Many times in the occasion of festivals & other shopping events Samsung has offered discounts on both wearables. This time it looks like permanent price drop for both Gear watches, because there is no time period for $70 price drop. It is very early to say this is permanent drop, to confirm it we must wait for some more days. One thing for sure, this is really great news for all Samsung Gear fans who were waiting for this moment to purchase new smartwatch. I think this is the perfect time to buy new Samsung wearable.

Samsung Gear S3

To remind you, Samsung launched Gear S3 gadget in two variants with the same 1.3-inch display & SR+ Gorilla Glass technology. There is Gear S3 Classic to Wi-Fi only use and the other Gear S3 Frontier to use with Wi-Fi plus 4G LTE, off course both models comes in different prices. Processor on both models are powered by their own Exynos chipset which locked at 1GHz and to boost its speed there is 786MB RAM. To store personal data, smartwatch apps and other personal images it has 4GB of internal storage.

Samsung Gear Sport carry popularity of Gear S3 & Gear S2 smartwatches. This one is next lineup gadget in Gear series, built with premium quality material. It has 1.2-inch 360×360 display and has 4GB internal storage as well as 768MB RAM. It runs on Tizen 3.0 software with built-in sensors. It comes with 1GHz dual-core processor and 200 mAh battery with wireless charging dock. To buy Samsung Gear Sport go to or buy from Best Buy online retailer.