Camera Controller for Galaxy Watch Active 2

In Samsung’s Galaxy Watch Active 2 launch event, the company has unveiled many exciting features for the watch & supports for previous watches. The Watch Active 2 is finally getting ECG & its digital rotating bezel legacy. It’s not only hardware & software but the company has also introduced a new app to the wearable. The new Camera Controller is the app Samsung build for the watch to control the phone’s camera. Not any Samsung Galaxy Watch series comes with the camera not (not until now); the rumors say Google Pixel Watch might be the one to get a dedicated camera.

The Galaxy Store has full of camera apps that can help you to control the smartphone camera from the Gear or Galaxy watches so why Samsung needs to create its app. We don’t have that answer. The Camera Controller app is simple to use and there are not many features to try. You can take the picture by tapping on the button. Click on the center of the display to focus on image and swipe the screen up or down to switch front or rear cameras. You can also set the timer to take the picture in the given time so you don’t miss the shot.

Camera Controller on Galaxy Watch Active 2

Camera ControllerVideo recording can be done by the Camera Controller & it is easy to take pictures. First, you have to switch to video recording on the smartphone and then you can shoot it on the smartwatch though you can play it. You can watch the preview for the video quality. These are the essential features added to the app & Samsung might launch more features in future updates.

Note that on the Galaxy Watch Active 2 you can switch front or back camera by rotating digital bezel but on the Galaxy Watch Active you have to scroll up & down because it doesn’t have rotating bezel. The app only supports these two smartwatches with new Galaxy S10, S10+, S10e, Galaxy Note 10, Note 10+ & Galaxy Fold models