Camera Person Confirms Galaxy S22’s Launch in February

As per the previous leaker, the launch date of the Galaxy S22 series will be in February. Looks like, Samsung has really planned to launch the Galaxy S22 trio in February next year. It is because the Camera Incharge or Camera Manager at Samsung’s South Korean community has indirectly confirmed the date. In the reply to another key person of the Samsung community, it has given a hint about the launch.

This week, Samsung has released a new app version for its Expert RAW app, which is only available for Galaxy S21 Ultra for now. When the user said, he doesn’t have S21 Ultra, and he will like to taste it on the upcoming flagship device, then the Camera Manager welcomed him by revealing the exact month. It makes sense, because as officially confirmed before, Expert RAW is only made for supported Galaxy devices, and the next Galaxy S22 Ultra is definitely one of them.

Galaxy S22 Ultra Launch Date
Image Source: Samsung Community

The Samsung representative said,

Sombra, thank you for your positive feedback every time. Many people give us their opinions, so we will supplement them well and provide a perfect solution for the official launch in February.

You can read the whole chat in the given image above.

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