Charge Smartphones 5x Faster With New Samsung Graphene Battery

Samsung found great success in its battery project which is going to be huge breakthrough in battery industry. Samsung researchers team have been created new kind of battery material that can charge mobile batteries 5x faster than normal time. The researchers team at Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) has developed Graphene Ball, a new kind of battery material which gives 45% more capacity than todays lithium-ion batteries. This is not only advantage of Graphene ball, it can also charge batteries 5x faster than lithium-ion.

In the market almost all batteries take minimum an hour to fully charge. It even takes more time with high battery – at least 2-3 hours to 100% charge. New Graphene technology will change it all, it will charge standard battery in just 12 minutes which is groundbreaking for battery industry. The new technology will help Samsung to create better mobile & electronics devices.

Graphene Ball

Currently, many companies uses Fast Charging Technology in thier smartphones, promising to charge 50% battery power in just 30 minutes. But it also take much more time to charge remaining 50% power, takes 50-70 minutes. The Graphene Ball technique will change it all and the users can save lots of time in everyday life.

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There is no word when Samsung will launch new technology in their devices. The next generation Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone is scheduled to launch in the January, I don’t think Samsung will implement new battery in it. May be Samsung will create next waves of Galaxy devices & other electronic devices with Graphene Ball. One thing is for sure, with the innovation of this new technology battery market will boom in next few years and Samsung will take full advantage of it. For more information about Graphene Ball technology visit official Samsung news website.