CinemaFX Live Camera Will Turn Your Image Into Movie Scene

Camera app tools in the store is second most apps category in the store. Every week some camera apps come to Tizen with some different features. Now the new CinemaFX Live Camera app will turn your normal photo into cinematic view & give it perfect shine. Other simple camera tools have many features to turn your ordinary pictures into some interesting views, but not all tools have this cinematic effect to make your images like a movie scenes. Feels like you’re taking image from CinemaFX camera. The app is very simple to use and the result is just perfect.

To take image from CinemaFX Live Camera app you don’t have to do anything different. Just open the app and it will start your camera. Now focus your camera on beautiful things or just take a selfie. As soon as you capture image, this app will turn that ordinary image into perfect movie scene.

CinemaFX Live Camera

You can choose many movie scenes from the list. Want to take image into famous Titanic movie scene then select it and make a pose. To make it romantic choose romantic view from the list or make it angry young man. So much effects given in the application and many are on the way to release.

The CinemaFX Live Camera app is now ready to get from Tizen Store. It is available in Tizen Store of all the Tizen phones. It works fine on Samsung Z2 & Samsung Z4 devices. To the movie geeky fans CinemaFX Live Camera is best tool. To make fun with your images download it on your phone.

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