CNN Now On Samsung Smartwatches

CNN is one reputed and trusted platform that provides quality news content with deep analysis across various categories. You can use the CNN app on your Samsung Galaxy Watch, Gear Sport and Gear S3 Frontier as well as Classic to have glance at the breaking news at the wrist. The app let you stay connected with the world and have important notifications at your wrist with the personalized categories. CNN allows you to know what happening around the world with just a tap. CNN broadcast each & every news updates around the world from all categories. It is must have news app for those users who want to stay updated every time, like Sport fans to get live score or stock market related users to receive current news.

When you install this app in your Samsung wearable you will get access with CNN news content in 10 different categories including Business, Science, World News, Entertainment, Technology and Sport etc. To have the glance at the headlines you have to tap on your favourite section. For further information you can open whole article on your phone with another tap as well as get synopsis other the article on watch. By this way you will get access with the rich content of your favourite category at your wrist. The same way we get Twitter tweets on the main screen of the smartwatch. You can read them on by one by swiping it left to right.

CNN on Samsung Watch

CNN app on Galaxy Watch, Gear Sport and Gear S3 will work both the time when it is connected with your phone via Bluetooth and WiFi. However it does require active internet connection every time. CNN supports international users as they will automatically get international edition of CNN when they select non American English language and location. This can be done through the setting on the phone.

CNN app for the Samsung smartwatches is 2.37MB in size & support on Tizen 3.0 & above version. As the app is small in size as well as user friendly, it helps users to stay connected all the time with the news around the world. The app has curated to fit on the rounded screen of Samsung wearables so text will not disappear from the screen. Also the font of the text is readable and app doesn’t take too much time to load next content.

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