Cool Facer Watch Faces For Samsung Galaxy Watch

The latest Facer 5 update has opened doors to unlock more than 70k watch faces on smartwatches. With the new premium plan users can install all the cool Facer watch faces by paying only $5 in annual plan or just $5.99 for a month. The Facer is well known creator of beautiful as well as useful faces. It creates different faces for different users to use in different conditions, such as sport geeky person can use many themes from sport category and movie lovers can get different kinds of faces from various movies. The Facer app is available in Samsung Galaxy Watch store since the beginning and lots of its cool faces are trending in the Galaxy App Store.

Facer has partnered with Mr. Jones Watches, Daniel Will-Harris & AVI-8 watch makers on all its platforms. The Facer usually charges fix prices for its faces but in the subscription service it will let us access to unlimited watch faces. The subscribed user can get access to these faces on the Apple watch, Android Wear and Tizen watches. In the Tizen series it supports Gear S2, Gear S3, Gear Sport and new Galaxy Watch. Do you want to use these watch faces? Well, we have sorted out best Facer Galaxy Watch Faces you can download from the store.

Facer Watch Faces

1. JC-Doctor Black

The black beauty JC-Doctor Black comes with plenty of features and it has modern look. Don’t like black color then you can change it from the setting. The JC-Doctor Black will show date, day, time, watch theme name, watch battery percentage, weather, step counter and phone battery level on main screen.

2. Republic Rose Gold

The new Republic Rose Gold watch face will give premium look to your Galaxy Watch. It comes with 316L medical grade stainless steel case which looks tremendous on the smartwatch. The Republic Rose Gold comes with $0.99 price tag and you can buy it if you want to show your watch as a classic premium watch.

3. CFW Lunar Tourbillon III

This face comes with rose gold theme and has basic features on the main screen. The CFW Lunar Tourbillon III analog watch comes with moon phase and 5 rubies tourbillon. It is not for the main purpose but shows only premium quality of your watch. It looks dashing and can make even cool in the night. Download it from Facer app and install it on your new smartwatch.

4. CFW Data World

It is another analog watch face with plenty of features to display on the Galaxy Watch. It shows data graphics animation in back and comes with different colors. You can use it to see weather, time, date, year, day, battery percentage, phone battery level & day & night dial. The CFW Data World face is absolutely free in the app and does not ask for any in app purchases.

5. Grey Edition by Spartan

On the Galaxy Smartwatch you can set the logo of spartan by using Grey Edition by Spartan watch face. This is cool & simple face for the watch and look stunning. It will not come with many features, instead only shows time & date in simple & clean format. The Grey Edition by Spartan is free watch face and it gives professional look to the watch.

In the library of Facer there are many other watch faces to download & install on the new Samsung Galaxy Watch. I have sorted out these 5 cool Facer watch faces for your smartwatch. To get these faces go to Facer app on your smartphone and download them. You can set these watch faces from your Galaxy Watch. You can share your favorite watch faces in the comments section below.

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