Deal: Buy Samsung Gear S3 & Get Free $75 eGift Cards

The new offer on purchase of Samsung Gear S3 can give you free $75 worth of gift cards. Yes, in the new deal Samsung has announced now customers will get $75 gift cards if they buy Samsung Gear S3 models from Samsung website or from Samsung shop app. This offer is available on both Samsung Gear S3 wearables – Gear S3 Frontier & Gear S3 Classic. The offer may look different to you but it is not. Until few days ago, Samsung were offering big discounts on both these models. Both gadgets were available for $275 in the market from the original price of $349.99, means $75 cash discount for customer.

Now Samsung has changed the original offer and instead of cash discount it is offering eCertificate of gift cards. Samsung Gear S3 Classic & Frontier both are launched in 2016 and these are the most selling watches from company. Even the new Samsung Gear Sport is nowhere into the comparison. This is the reason prices of both models are never coming down. And if the prices goes down then only for limited period of time.

Samsung Gear S3

To buy Gear S3, go to official website of Samsung or head to the Samsung shop. The same discount is now available from Best Buy online retailer. It will offer you $75 eGift Cards for any of the watch. The other giant online retailer, Amazon is giving $52 discount instead of eGift Card. I think Amazon offer is somehow better than other options so you can save your money or buy something else with the money. But if you go with eGift Cards then you will get $75 as a reward that more value in return.

Customers can spend these eGift Cards on Samsung website or on shop Samsung app. Customers can spend all their eGifts on their next purchase of Samsung devices from mentioned website or app. This offer is valid till September 30, 2018. You want to purchase one smartwatch then you can now buy with some price cut or wait till the next September when Samsung will launch next Samsung Gear S4 wearable. There is no exact launch date. We will inform if Samsung announces release date for next smartwatch.