Difference between Pro Mode, Expert RAW & Camera Assistant

In recent years, Samsung has added many new features to its camera sensors. It has introduced Pro Mode, an Expert RAW app, and Camera Assistant apps for flagship Galaxy devices. There is no doubt after the launch of these supporting apps, the picture quality and video quality have improved a lot. A few years back, Samsung launched Pro Mode on its smartphones to give full control to users of their cameras. Later, it announces Expert RAW & Camera Assistant with new features.

Expert RAW was launched with Galaxy S22 Ultra, and now it has shined on Galaxy S23 Ultra along with Camera Assistant. Users always ask me why we need these all apps on our phones, and what is the difference between them. Further, how they will improve our photography and videography in daily life. For end users, it beats confusing why so many apps for cameras.

I will here explain what is difference between Pro Mode, Expert RAW & Camera Assistant apps. Also, I will tell you how they will impact your photography.

1. Pro Mode

Samsung Pro Mode Images

Pro Mode in your phone camera lets you manually control all the necessary functions. You can manually set ISO, shutter speed, manual focus, white balance, and EV. As the name suggests, it has more advanced settings than default settings, and you will notice results in end.

2. Expert RAW

Samsung Expert RAW Images

Many users get confused here, because of what you see in Pro Mode that you will see in Expert RAW. Now talking about the difference between both camera tools, Expert RAW is one step ahead of Pro Mode in every aspect. You can manually control white balance, ISO, manual focus, shutter speed, and EV.

Expert RAW night Images

The photos taken with this app are better because of its new HDR Compositing function. Apart from that, it enhances your night photograph and videography, and you can save files in JPEG or RAW format.

It saves files in DNG 16-bit format which creates lossless photos without compromising anything. It has also integrated with apps like Lightroom to preserve highlights, shadows, sharpness, and color.

3. Camera Assistant

Camera Assistant on Galaxy S23 Ultra

It is different than what you think. The first two take care of your photography, and Camera Assistant speed-up Camera app performance. It gives extra wings to the default camera app to give its best in various environments. You can increase the speed of the shutter button, capture speed, timer multi-photo option, and camera timeout.

It is also possible to auto lens switching, video recording in photo mode, Auto HDR, Picture softening, astrophoto mode, and dim the screen while recording.

Samsung’s Galaxy S21 Ultra, Galaxy S22 Ultra, and Galaxy S23 Ultra smartphones have excellent camera sensors. These new Samsung creations will just add the cherry on top of your photography. Now you know the benefits of all these, so use them in your favor.