Different Keyboards for Galaxy Watch 4, Watch 5 & Watch 6

The first concern of users, when they buy a new smartwatch, is how to handle it. The tiny screen makes them worry about their daily usage. They ask questions about how to handle and how to manage their calls, messages, notifications, and emails. That was the question of 2019, now we are in 2023 with premium watches. With the new Galaxy Watch 4, Watch 5 & Watch 6 you will receive different keyboards to manage all your emails and notifications and answer them.

Here I will provide all the different keyboard options that you can use on these new Galaxy Watch devices. The list will go with a traditional keyboard, voice assistant, numeric keypad, swipe gestures, stickers & emojis, and pre-defined texts or smart replies. Let’s start with a traditional keyboard.

In this option, you have two choices – Samsung keyboard & Google Gboard

Samsung Keyboard

Best Keyboard on Galaxy Watch

The first choice for many Samsung users. It provides a neat and clean QWERTY keypad, so you won’t miss any keys. Most of the time your typing will be correct, which means fewer corrections. You can also switch to numbers, extra characters, special characters, and symbols. It is by default a keyboard in every Galaxy Watch.

Google Gboard

Best Keyboard on Galaxy Watch 6

Most advanced keyboard for Wear OS smartwatch. It offers plenty of options for your quick typing. It predicts most words perfectly, which saves you time. The QWERTY keypad has well-designed keys for perfect keystrokes. Further, use numbers, special characters, emojis, voice assistants, and symbols with the Gboard.

You have to download Gboard from Play Store for Wear OS. To set the keyboard, go to Settings on your watch, then head to General, then Input, and here switch to Gboard.

Best Keyboard on Galaxy Watch 6

Further, in a voice assistant, you have two more options – Bixby & Google Assistant


Best Keyboard on Galaxy Watch 6

It is Samsung’s homegrown voice assistant. With time, it has improved in many ways. You can give him commands, open apps, set alarms, set reminders, start workouts, and many things. Still, there are some user complaints about its language issue. If you are not a native English speaker, then it might not recognize your voice.

Google Assistant

Keyboard on Galaxy Watch

It is up to the mark voice assistant for Galaxy Watch 4, Watch 5 & Watch 6. You can download Google Assistant from the Play Store and set it. It is by far the most advanced voice assistant that listens to you. It does the same work as on your smartphone. You can give any input command and it reacts to it.

More input options

Swipe Gestures

Best Keyboard Galaxy Watch 5

There are still many users who prefer swipe gestures over traditional keyboard or voice commands. From day one, Galaxy Watch has the Swipe Gesture technique for input methods. Users think it is easy to express their minds with gesture technic, and Samsung also offers it.

Smart Replies

Keyboard Galaxy Watch

It is also an easy way to give a quick reply to incoming messages and emails. There are plenty of pre-defined texts like Yes, No, Hello, How Are You, Good Morning, Good Night, and so on. You can also save more smart replies for your easiness.

Stickers and Emojis

Best Keyboard on Galaxy Watch 6

It is also good input on your smartwatch. If you are not in a mood or you are in happiness, then you can send just emojis or stickers. It is also good for rich conversation, so another person could understand it better.

These are the options that you can use while texting or giving commands. In the future, there may be more options to use the SwiftyKey keyboard, Alexa, or other input methods. Till then, you can use these best keyboard options.

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