Dinosaur Simulator 2017 Game Is Now On Tizen Phones

The famous Dinosaur Simulator 2017 game is now available in Tizen Store for Samsung Z4 & Samsung Z2 smartphones. It was launched last year as a simulation game. This game is quite popular in between players & its got 4.1 reviews in the ratings. The Dinosaur Simulator 2017 is perfect simulation game in Tizen Store without any glitches or hiccups. The war has started in between dinosaurs and because of that every human kind is in danger. Wait did I say you have to save human kind? No, you don’t have to. It is simulation game so in the gameplay play as any one dinosaur and take participation in the war. All the species of dinosaur are here with their powerful bodies.

In the past I have played Goat Simulator game on Android smartphone. It was fun that time to control one goat & roam in the city. Take a goat into the parks, hotels, swimming pools and other’s houses. You could have climbed on the building, rocks & houses to do whatever you want. Your goat was allowed to hit as many people as it saw in front of it. The main aim of Goat Simulator game was to let gamers believe they are free to do anything they want, same as Grand Theft Auto series. All the Grand Theft Auto games, such as Grand Theft Auto – China Town & Grand Theft Auto – Voice City are gives gamers freedom to do lots of fun.

Dinosaur Simulator 2017

The Dinosaurs Simulator 2017 is giving you same gameplay to feel all the power of dinosaurs and become a mighty. Take your dinosaur and go into the war. Defeat all the other animals with your strengths & internal skills. You are allowed to hit the cars, houses, buildings, helicopters and sometimes humans who came into the way. Start fighting into the city or go to the jungle to find some other animals. No matter what you want to do in the gameplay, your aim is to earn pride, just don’t die.

I like the way developers created dinosaurs and the surrounding nature. It is never easy to make such a creation for smartphones like Samsung Z4 & Samsung Z2. The city is build in perfect way & cars, buildings, helicopter and roads look fine. The dinosaurs are not that scary nor they have specific sounds but still good for this game. The Dinosaur Simulator 2017 is now available in Tizen Store for absolutely free of cost. You can download it on all 4 Tizen smartphones. Play it on your smartphone and share your gaming review with us.