Download 10 Best Tizen Apps On Samsung Z4

WhatsApp Messenger & Facebook are not only the best apps in Tizen Store. There are many top notch apps had appeared on Tizen and serving their best class services to customers. This is the article to cover all those apps which customers wants in first place. Actually, it is the combinations of both apps & games. I will give you top performer apps for your Samsung Z4 smartphone. You may have downloaded these apps or games before on the device but some are here just waiting in the line. You can download them and can play with them.

The best quality apps & high graphics games are always first choice of Tizen users, and here I did same to find those all gems. The best features, smooth performance, bug free software, battery efficiency and faster performance are the qualities of these apps. And high quality graphics, best visual effects, unique gameplay, challenging missions, no glitches and action, adventure and racing genres are the specialities of the listed games.

Best Z4 Apps

I started this list with one of the best game of mobile phones, i. e. Modern Combat 5, always first choice of every gamers. Here is the full list of top 10 best Tizen apps to download on Samsung Z4.

1. Modern Combat 5

The popular Gameloft game Modern Combat 5: is now available in Tizen Store. Right now this is the best high graphics game for Tizen smartphones. The game was launched on Android and iOS devices back in 2014 but still it is must play action game on every smartphones. This is the first person shooter game and fifth chapter in original series. Gameloft has launched their popular games Asphalt 8: Airborne, Asphalt Nitro, Minion Rush, Let’s Golf in the store. Modern Combat 5:eSports FPS is more than that because its interesting gameplay, special effects and high quality graphics makes it most addictive action game.

In the gameplay you can create your own squad to fight against enemies. Defeat them in every combat and protect your land. Play as a single player or go with multi-player and invite your friends to join the team. The game will give you different missions and you have to complete them within given time. Meet many cities from Tokyo to Venice to attack on enemies and to protect innocent citizens. You must play Modern Combat 5 on Samsung Z4 smartphone.

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2. Opera Mini Web Browser

With the Tizen OS Samsung already launched one simple and easy browser for Tizen Phones. It comes with preloaded on every Tizen phones and always be there for every internet users. Wait, is it enough for users or they need more options? Yes, they need more options and to complete user’s need, the Opera community launched their Opera Mini Web browser on Tizen Phones as well as Samsung Gear series smartwatch. Tizen allows third party browsers on its platform and the first browser is Opera Mini, the fast, secure and simple browser to use.

Like its Android and Windows Phone version Opera landed with all the super features. The favorite Speed Dial feature is here in your finger tips to open your most used Web pages. It included suggested apps and games from Opera Mobile Store, it doesn’t force you to use them, you can only open them if you like. It has shortcuts for Facebook, Twitter and some shopping sites on homepage for easy search. In the My Site option you can see most visited or frequent sites, also the suggested category for sports, music, travels or social media sites.

3. Angry Birds

Angry Birds is the best casual game which has addictive gameplay and best story line. The pigs made birds angry and now he and his friends wants revenge by hitting pigs. You have limited hits and in these moves you need to hit all pigs. It is click, drag and attack type game, to attack on pigs you must know some kinds of physics, otherwise you will miss your target.

It has many levels and missions in gameplay and they becomes more and more harder after the levels. Also it has many types of helping hands in gameshop for few chunks. Before the official Angry Birds movie launch, it is perfect time to enjoy this game on Tizen. After the loss of ACL for Tizen app Angry Birds game is no more in Tizen Store. If you already have downloaded this game then you can play it.

4. Instagram

Instagram officially launched by Facebook developers, each and every features provided by developers are present on Tizen app that they have introduced on other platforms. Not like Facebook and WhatsApp Messenger apps which are missing some features on Tizen version. Before uploading your images you can filter them with the many options.

Edit them or change the background colors, write some text on the images or change their shapes, you can tweak your images in many ways. It just many creative tools to make pictures as you like. To make your photos popular in between other celebrities give them unique hash tags so your followers will find them. It uses world class encrypted technology to put images secure in their servers. Also you have authority to post images private or public.

5. Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2

In the world over a billion gamers enjoying it on their platforms. It firstly launched on iOS and Android devices and later moved to Windows Phones and Blackberry devices. Since the first day of launch it has been attracting many gamers in the world, thanks to its catchy graphics and addictive gameplay.

The character has to be run as fast as he can to survive from dangerous Gorilla and other deadly obstacles. Path is not simple to run, it has many breakers to stop you and sometimes road becomes to difficult to run that the chances are high to dead. In the beginning it will guide you about the gameplay and how to operate main character, so you don’t have to worry about it. You can select your favorite character from the settings and also change their outfits.

6. Hotstar

It is biggest entertainment app in India. It provides Live TV, movies, music, reality shows, serial episodes, Live sports and many other contents to their all users. It works with even slower Internet connection that you can load content on 2G network. It also let you save videos in offline mode to watch them later. It is same feature as YouTube app, where you have to load some content of video and then you can tap on save offline mode function.

It is useful for those users which lives in 2G network area or users going out of coverage area. Then users can save their favorite movies, videos or any TV serials to watch them later. The Hotstar is in partnership with Star group network and you will see all major episodes, movies and Live sportswhich broadcasts on Star network. It gives you chance to watch your favorite live sports from the home without buffering or any other hassles.

7. MX Player

MX Player supports MP4, DVD, HD, H264, H263 and many more formats. Also you can change some supported language videos, from the audio track you can change available dual audio languages. Like if your native language is Hindi or you just understand Hindi, then you can select Hindi language from setting. For the perfect angle you can change the view of videos in best shape. The app works well on dual-core processor which Z4 already have.

The MX Player also supports on remaining Samsung Z2, Samsung Z3 & Z1 gadgets, but for the better performance you must use it on Z4 and Samsung Z2, also first generation Z4 has very best hardware and software features thats why most video well plays on it. This is also ACL supported app & you might miss it in store.

8. IMO Free Video Calls

IMO on Tizen

This is the first time when one authorised video calling app entered into the store. Previously, some app comes but has not successful with their calling features and user’s experience. This time it won’t happen, it has all the needy features to connect with your beloved ones and talk to them over video calling. Compare to other video calling apps it is very easy to call and very strong to handle your privacy.

The other two famous calling apps WhatsApp video & audio calling and Skype from Microsoft were the first choice from customers. Still no word from them and here now we have good option. Tizen developers has said many times before that after the launch of Tizen 3.0 firmware update we will see many video calling apps in store and IMO is the first one to got this opportunity.

9. My Jio

It is almost one year when Jio has launched My Jio app for Samsung Z2. Now the latest Samsung Z4 can use My Jio with newer update. My Jio is essential app to use Jio SIM card in India, which offers many free services to their customers. It is necessary to activate SIM card, to manage Jio account and to see new offers. When you get new Jio SIM then to activate it over bar code you need Jio SIM.

It will show you all Jio offers and can be activated right from the app. It is also necessary to see all your Jio apps and to control them right from it. Till now Jio has launched Jio TV, Jio Express News, Jio Music and Jio Cinema apps on Tizen. The other Jio Money, Jio Cloud, Jio Magazine, Jio Chat and many others are still in the work and they will soon land on Tizen.

10. Xender

With the Xender users can send any types of files, Audios, videos and images at amazing speed. It will send 1GB of file in just 60 seconds, that is much better speed. Right now it will not allow you to share Tizen Apps to other mobiles, this feature may come in next version.

The beauty of this app is it will let you send all your stuff without internet connection. You don’t need Internet connection to send your files. Just pair your device with your friend’s device and send all the important images, videos or documents. In the Group share you can connect your smartphone with the 4 devices and there is no limitation to send large files.

These are the best Tizen Apps for new Samsung Z4 Smartphone. The new device is capable to handle multi-tasking works like high quality graphics and lags free experience and this list is perfect to check it. To download these 10 Tizen apps on Samsung Z4 go to Tizen Store and search for them or just browse Popular App section. Don’t forget to share your thoughts about these apps, feel free to express your mind in the comments box below.