Download Best Android Apps On Tizen

Before staring to read, let me clear you one thing, this article is not about how to download or install Android Apps or games on Tizen smartphones. No, this is not. Instead in this article I will cover some best apps which firstly released in Android and later came to Tizen. Android is nearly 10 year old mobile operating system with the strong library of quality apps & games. In the coming months it is impossible for Tizen to compete with Android, but in the long term, yes, I think it is possible.

The biggest challenge in front of Tizen at the present situation is lack of app for the customers. Tizen is newbie OS with the empty library without quality works. The hope is every week or month this library is filling up with new apps. The apps which always matters to users on every platform.

Since 2 years many creative developers have been adding their best apps into the Tizen Store. Sure those all are initially launched on Android or Apple platform, but now they are very important and useful for all users.

Android Apps On Tizen

Few such games are Facebook, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Angry Birds, Asphalt 8 etc. Now Tizen has more such apps into the library for every Tizen users. Read below such Android apps which are available in Tizen Store.

1. SHAREit

This is the most wanted apps by most users. SHAREit launched last year for every Tizeners. It always shares its position in the first few top apps in store.

2. UC Browser

Another browser app for Tizen – demanded by users and accepted by Open Mobile team. It is now popular browser on Tizen smartphones.

3. Hotstar

It is entertainment app for Indian users. Watch Indian and International TV shows and movies on Hotstar. You can watch live sports and news without paying anything.

4. My Jio

My Jio app is must need app For Jio users in India. To activate Jio SIM and to access Jio apps you need it. It will give you permission to watch, read and listen their free services.

5. IMO – Free Video Calling App

IMO is free video calling app for Tizen users. It is the first video calling app comes with all needy features. It can even perform better in low connectivity area.

6. Xender

Another content sharing app in Tizen Store. This year it is officially launched by team. Users can share their contents to other users within few seconds.

7. MX Player

The best video player tool on Tizen. It is also works with ACL for Tizen app. MX Player launched here back in 2015 and since then it is the part of every smartphone. It supports almost all kinds of videos on your tiny device.

8. Opera Mini Web Browser

The Opera Mini Web Browser was the first third party browser for Tizen smartphone. It is created by official team for this platform. You can surf web pages in clear view with a full security. It has many shortcuts to use in future and have bookmarks and save me features. It available on all Tizen smartphones.

9. VLC for Tizen

It is best Video player app to stream all the video formats. It supports nearly all videos without any sacrifice. The other video player app MX Player is not in the store, instead you can use VLC for Tizen on your Tizen smartphone. It is released by official VLC team and same as Android & iPhone version.

10. NewsHunt

The NewsHunt app is very helpful to get all the breaking news. It provides newspapers in many Indian languages like Hindi, Marathi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu and even in English. You can choose your favorite category to get all the news from that section. For example if you want to get all the business news then you can follow Business category. Get NewsHunt app from Tizen Store.

Note: Due to th loss of ACL for Tizen tool, all ACL supported apps are no longer available in Tizen Store. Use their companion apps for your usage.

To find more such creative apps go to Tizen Store and install them on all Tizen smartphones – Samsung Z1, Samsung Z2, Samsung Z3 and Samsung Z4. As I mentioned these are popular Android apps currently available for Tizen smartphones. Most of these apps are created by original developers. Any suggestions on this article? Feel free to give it in comment box.