Download Facebook App On Samsung Z3 And Z1

When Tizen landed in world market then it did some good moves to popularize itself in the big crowd. In that big decisions the better one is that they make Facebook app available on Tizen devices. We know the power of this social media app, in world there are more than 7 billion users who uses Facebook to connect with their friends and family. It was very difficult task for Tizen experts to convince Facebook developers to make their app for Tizen, and without any hiccups Facebook made their official app for this new OS. This is not only official app from Facebook but also they launches WhatsApp Messenger, Instagram and Facebook Messenger app on this platform which gives users all in one pack joy.

Now it is the stable app update version of Facebook with each and every features which we saw on Android, Windows Phone and iOS platforms. I don’t have to tell much about this giant social media app and its power in between users. In the world only Facebook app has most active users compare to other apps. Before the availability of it, most Tizen users were using browser to open their Facebook account which was not user friendly activity, but now with official app users can open it in interactive way. The other WhatsApp Messenger is also gives same experience to share your messages with your contacts.


The Facebook Lite, the lighter version of Facebook is unfortunately not available on Tizen, but I think you don’t need lighter version compare to feature rich app version. The update version of Facebook is now available in Tizen Store and it works on both Samsung Z3 and Samsung Z1 smartphones. Now you don’t have to worry about your Facebook account because it is more stable and more improved version than the previous one.