Download Facebook App On Samsung Z4

Facebook app is always wanted app from every kind of users. The users who uses internet always ask about this giant social media app. The Tizen users are not different than them. They also want to use Facebook on their smartphone, which works simple and can protect the data. This is why Facebook has launched their official app on Tizen back in 2015 on Tizen platform. This trend goes on with Samsung Z3 and later Samsung Z2, which got upgraded versions of Facebook.

Samsung Z2 on the other hand comes with preloaded Facebook version in its essential apps folder. The Z2 users dont need to install it from Tizen Store they will get right on their device. In the essential apps Samsung stored WhatsApp Messenger, Here Maps, Accuweather and Facebook app, all the needy apps on one place.

Facebook on Samsung Z4

The Samsung Z4 also gets its own essential apps which are useful for customers in first place. Here you can find Facebook app and also WhatsApp Messenger. If you by mistake deleted it, then don’t worry, you can get it from the Tizen Store. To download it from Tizen Store, login with your Samsung ID and then find Facebook app in free app section. If you don’t have Samsung ID and don’t know how to download apps from Tizen Store then read our another article, how to download free apps from Tizen Store.

Facebook on Tizen comes with many features to post images and share them with other people. You might miss some other features on this version, like Facebook Group, Facebook Pages and Facebook Stories. These features may come in later version, till then you can use current app to connect with your friends and family. Don’t forget to share this information with your Facebook friends.