Download IMO App On Samsung Z2 And Z4

This is the second month since when IMO.IM has released its official free video calling app IMO in the Tizen Store. Tizen customers always demanded one good and secure video calling app for their daily purpose. And IMO has listened to them by launching one of the best video calling app. It is still in the initial version, rolled out with basic features that helpful to users in first place to connect with other persons via video calling.

Still it got huge popularity on Tizen phones and now it is most popular app in Tizen Store. It available for all the Tizen smartphones including first generation Samsung Z1.

The IMO app is best to use on new Samsung Z2 and Samsung Z4 smartphones. These are the two phones comes with 4G LTE connectivity. The other two Samsung Z1 & Samsung Z3 are missing 4G LTE feature.

That’s mean that you can make better video calling on new devices than the predecessor devices. Your call will not disconnect in critical condition or in the low connectivity area, where signals are very weak. In the 3G network video calling is possible but sometimes you may face some trouble during the call when roaming outside.

IMO for Samsung Z2 & Z4

In India many telecom operators like Airtel, Idea, Vodafone & Reliance Jio offers 4G plans at cheap rates. You can get benefits from them to make a call.

The other rival player WhatsApp Messenger is still quite on their video calling feature for Tizen. No news came from Facebook – owned company about it. The third player Skype might launch this service later this year.

IMO – free video calling app is very simple to use. At the beginning just sign up with your current mobile number & verify it. Then you will see all your friends who are using IMO. You can also invite them to chat on IMO.

At this moment it has very limited features, later we can see more functions. To download IMO app on Samsung Z2 & Samsung Z4 go to Tizen Store and get it.