Download Match-3 Game Berry Blast Mania On Tizen

Tizen is the new operating system in the market and daily it is increasing slowly, this slow growth is really important in world market. Every day many developers are trying to add their best apps and games in store for Tizen users. Now another one developer are ready to explode their new game in store and that new game is Berry Blast Mania, the new Match-3 genre on Tizen. It is comparable app to famous Candy Crush Saga and Farm Heroes Saga which are still absent in Store. The Berry Blast Mania has everything which users expect from one Match-3 title.

Try to match 3 berries in gameplay and make a best score, but there are not unlimited moves and If you match 4 or more berries then there is new awards. You need to complete challenge in limited moves or you could fail into the level. Like as Candy Crush Saga it is also has extra life to play in critical levels and if still that aren’t enough then there is gameshop. In the gameplay it has many helpful tools which can give you hand to finish your unfinished level. The graphics and special effects are worth to play it on Tizen Phones. The Berry Blast Mania has almost 50 challenging levels and developers are working on another new levels, they could release new levels in coming weeks.


There is not single game present in the store to compare with Berry Blast Mania. This game is well supported on Samsung Z3 as well as Samsung Z1 smartphone series. This title doesn’t require high feature phones, it works smooth on 2 year old Samsung Z1. The Berry Blast Mania is absolutely free in Tizen Store and you can download it now on Tizen Phones.