Download My Jio App on Samsung Z4

The new Samsung Z4 is best phone to use high speed Internet. Its 4G LTE network can support Internet speed up to 150 mbps over the 4G connection. Now in India Reliance Jio trend has spread everywhere and everyone are using Jio SIM cards into their phones. This new Samsung Z4 Smartphone is also eligible to use these services. Reliance Jio telecom operator has already released their most useful Jio apps onto Tizen platform. Into those apps, the main app My Jio is present on Tizen.

It almost one year when Jio has launched My Jio app for Samsung Z2. Now the latest Samsung Z4 can use My Jio with newer update.

My Jio is essential app to use Jio SIM card in India, which offers many free services to their customers. It is necessary to activate SIM card, to manage Jio account and to see new offers. When you get new Jio SIM then to activate it over bar code you need Jio SIM.

It will show you all Jio offers and can be activated right from the app. It is also necessary to see all your Jio apps and to control them right from it.

My Jio on Samsung Z4

Till now Jio has launched Jio TV, Jio Express News, Jio Music and Jio Cinema apps on Tizen. The other Jio Money, Jio Cloud, Jio Magazine, Jio Chat and many others are still in the work and they will soon land on Tizen.

The app is entry to Jio features and it is only accessible for Jio SIM users. First get the Jio SIM and then access it through SIM login or by creating new account.

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My Jio is now available to download on Samsung Z4. It is already available for Samsung Z2 smartphone from Tizen Store.

The app is only for Reliance Jio users in India. It will not work in other countries as well as on non 4G phones. To download My Jio app go to Tizen Store on Samsung Z4 and install it.