Download Spotify App On Samsung Gear Sport

The most used music app in the world, Spotify is now available on Samsung Gear Sport. It is one of the few premium apps officially released on Tizen smartwatch. It comes with all the native features that you have used on other smartphone devices or on your computer. This app version on smartwatch will built with same quality but is it worth to play it on your wearable? Now Spotify music app is supported on new Gear Sport smartwatch with new update version. The Spotify app firstly launched on Samsung Gear S3 digital watch with the free 6 months subscription offer from Samsung. You will get same subscription offer on Gear Sport too, means you don’t have to pay for at least next 6 months.

The other inherited feature on the app is offline mode. It is best for all the users who are always roam outside or goes into weak network areas. Download all the favorite tracks and save them locally on to the device and listen them later. The Spotify app has many add in features that you might need to know. You can listen any type of songs from the huge library. Listen songs from wide library of languages such English, Spanish, Hindi and many more well known languages.

Spotify on Gear Sport

You can follow your favorite singer or musician and can get their upcoming songs on the time when it will be launched in market. You listen lots of songs in a year and now forget one specific song that you had liked it before. The you can find those songs in the app history. It will keep track of your all the songs and give you more suggestions upon them.

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History feature is good to remind your best songs, but if you don’t like it then you can listen songs in private mode. Click on Private Session and listen all the songs. In this mode app will not live any tracks. Sometimes you will get chance to listen preview of the album. It is great things for fans to listen their favorite bands before the world. To download Spotify app on Samsung Gear Sport go to Samsung Gear App store or Gear Manager app store.

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