Download Spotify Music App On Gear S3 And Gear S2

Today’s good news for Samsung Gear S3 and Gear S2 users are that the popular music streaming app Spotify is now available for these two smartwatches. Some days before we mentioned about this app availability on Samsung smartwatches and now it became true. The Spotify is popular music streaming service in the world, over 50 million users uses Spotify to listen their favorite tracks on the go. The app is available on iOS, Android and Windows phone devices and even serve music on Android Wear and Apple watches.

Now the presence of this music app on Gear S series devices can make users to get their lovely music. Users can hear their favorite bands, artists, albums and other single tracks using 3G or Wi-Fi networks. You will get almost all kinds of songs on it from their huge library of music.

The premium users can listen any kinds of music without any ads. The ads may disturb you when listening to your best track in free version. This won’t happen in premium subscription, you will get ad free experience in this mode. The all music songs are unlocked in premium service, users can select any kinds of available songs on their device.

Spotify on Gear S3

Users have to pay subscription fee to subscribes to their premium services. The prices are listed on the app and you can select best service for you. The app also support voice recognition feature, where you can search any music by just saying name of the songs or the name of artist.

For example if you want to search music of Miley Cyrus, then just say it, and it will show you all the songs of Miley Cyrus. Or why don’t you just listen to Eminem with the all original tracks? The Spotify app has all the features which we uses on smartphones, like repeat, next, previous, shuffle and many others. In many ways you can entertain yourself with the Spotify app.

The Spotify app is native app from the developers for Samsung Gear S3 and Gear S2 smartwatches. Some weeks ago Wammer music app had launched on Tizen smartwatches. Users can use any one of these music streaming apps to listen songs. The app is available to download from Galaxy App Store using Gear Manager app. Let us know about Spotify app on your new Gear S3 device or previous Gear S2.

The Spotify app is now available on Gear Sport wearable with extra benefits. Users will get free 6 months of subscription from Spotify if they buy new Gear watch. If you are music lover then it is best offer for you. Upon that this music app will support offline music service on Sport gadget. It is good offer because this offer is not for Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S8 or iPhone X. After 6 months you will be charged as per the standard subscription charges.