Download Subway Surfers Game For Samsung Z2, Z3 And Z1

The biggest franchise game in endless runner category is Subway Surfers. And now it is available to download in Tizen Store for free. When we talks about endless racing games then only few games comes in our mind, that are Temple Run 2 & 1, Brave and Subway Surfers. In that Temple Run 2 is already launched in Tizen Store by official developers. Now the Subway Surfers will give more joy to Tizen gamers with its high classic gameplay. Subway Surfers originally launched in 2013 on Android and iOS platform and since then it never came down from top 20 app list on both platforms.

It has unique gameplay concept that makes every gamers addicted to it. It is endless runner game so anyone can play it in their free time,whenever they want and as long as they can. It is now came on Tizen devices, thanks to third party developers to create it for Tizen smartphones.

The gameplay is same as before, where you play as the main character who try to escape from policeman. You painted wall of subway which is illegal and now policeman and his dog is chasing you. So now run as fast as you can to save yourself from policeman. You can run on the subway tracks by avoiding trains, or run above the trains by jumping on various rails. But don’t fall ahead of trains and also don’t dodge any walls or other obstacles, like polls, breakers, baskets and other items on the tracks.

Subway Surfers Tizen

Take it in mind that as long as you run your score will be increased more, so try to run longer. You can boost your power ups by collecting jet packs on the track and magnets will collect all the coins for you. Coins are most important treasure in the game, so you must try to collect all of them. Later with the coins you can boost all your power ups and boosters from inside the game shop.

You can change outfits and characters from the game setting. With the few chunks you can change outfits of your character or change it with new character. The other main feature in gameplay is Save Me keys which allows you to resume your gameplay. Try to collect more keys or buy them with some real money from the store. The Subway Surfers game is now available to download for Samsung Z2, Z3 and Z1 smartphones. The performance on all these devices could be different due to their different specs. The Subway Surfers is one of the best endless racing game in mobile gaming so you must play it on your Tizen smartphones.