Download Top 5 Playstation Games On Galaxy S7 Edge

The Play Store on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone is always far ahead in mobile gaming. With its best games it always lead in the market, no matter what kind of gamer you are, you always get better titles for you. The Google Play Store has many quality games and it is really hard to choose best from them. Here we are giving you top 5 best quality action games which are comes in high graphics and console quality visual effects. These games are highly competitive with console devices like Playstation and Xbox. Here is the top 5 list of high graphics playstation games on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

1. XCOM: Enemy Unknown

It is one of the best action titles for both iPhones. It is released by 2K developers for mobile devices. The XCOM: Enemy Unknown is an award winning title and now it present in Play Store. It based on aliens who attacked on earth. You are main character which can survive the humanity. Make missions, do research on alien’s technology and their plan and kill them all. To kill them you can use many weapons and you can also use special powers and skills which will help you in battle. The storyline and background music is worth to play it and also it has high level graphics, best cut scenes and visual effects. The game is much expensive than others, if you want to play it then you need to spend $19.99 in Store.

2. Call of Duty: Strike Team

The battle is in 2020 where all countries want to become a superpower, in that whole world comes under big war. The US has got one new unknown enemy whose dream is to destroy entire nation. You are the US army soldier and all country is hoping on you. Use any kind of weapons and powers to destroy enemies and their lands. It is a first person shooter and third person shooter genre. The game was originally launched for consoles and now publishers launched it on Android platform. The storyline and background music is like action movies. It built in high graphics and best visual effects. The character, surrounding presentations and gameplay are worth to play it. The game support on both handsets and it is available for $6.99 in store.

3. Horn

Best S7 Edge Games

The Horn is fully optimized for new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and later smartphone models so you can take all advantages of new 64-bit AX processor. The game was also introduced in many gaming events. High quality graphics and best cut scenes are major sides of it and gameplay and visual effects make it must playable game. It is a touch and swipe game where you need to slide fingers on screen to kill enemies. The storyline is in epic era. Character designing and surrounding are made in high quality and they all look natural. Game is powered with Unreal Engine technology so we can see every detail. Horn is highly recommended game in Play Store and we also recommend you same. For better experience you must check it on new Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge, otherwise if you don’t have new one then don’t worry it also works perfect on previous smartphones. The price for game is $6.99 in store.

4. Anomaly 2

The Anomaly 2 is developed by Chillingo publishers. It is the second sequel of Anomaly and it also a winner of 2012 year game in Apple Design category. Play the epic battle with alien machines and destroy them. It combines with different types of missions in all over the world. It uses cutting edge technology for super graphics and sound effects. You can also play it online with your friends and challenge them. The cut scenes and best visual effects are jaw- blowing. Game added with many types of weapons and armors, you also have some type of powers and skills to use them in war zone. It is available for $4.99 in Store and works on both smartphones.

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5. Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

It is the best action game of 2012 and still it is going like hot cake. The Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour is made by Gameloft developers. It is the fourth part of original game and it based on US army soldier. This is a First Person Shooter genre which comes with quality and originality. The US president is kidnapped by some terrorist group and your mission is to rescue them. The missions are in various countries and you can use different weapons in battle. The best part of the game is in gameplay you can play both part of hero and villain, in some moment it will let you to do that but in the end you must play hero character to kill enemies. The graphics, cut scenes and visual effects are one of the best ever seen and storyline and background music are perfect like action movie. The price for game is $6.99 in Store.

This is our top list of action games for Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge devices which are available in Android Play Store, if you think we missed some games which you like then feel free to say it in comment box.