Download Top 7 Best Apps On Samsung Gear Sport

Samsung Gear S2 was the good smartwatch, later Samsung Gear S3 was best watch of 2016 and now Gear Sport is the must have digital watch of this year. The Samsung Gear Sport is fourth generation Samsung wearable, made for sport persons. As its name suggest Samsung has targeted sport persons. The previous version Gear S3 was huge success for company and to continue its success, Gear Sport has built with extra powerful features. It is best for all users, use it for every day purpose or use it in your sport workouts. One thing is sure, Samsung made its game high for its rivals, specially for Android Wear & Apple smartwatches.

The improved screen, better processor, long lasting battery life, support of RAM & internal storage and goodness of latest Tizen 3.0 software update make it best wearable in the market. Now with the Tizen ecosystem many developers have created quality apps for Gear Sport. You will see apps from every category and as per Samsung Gear App store has increased double in last one year, it’s amazing, right?

Gear Sport Apps

If you also have bought new Samsung Gear Sport digital watch then you must know which apps are worth to download. The first app I mention is Spotify, the best Music streaming app. Spotify will let you listen your favorite music in offline mode by charging subscription fees. Excluding Spotify here is other best apps for the device. Below are the 7 best apps which must have on your digital watch.

1. Flipboard

Flipboard is content reading app, serves you best content from all popular websites. You can read any kind of content using Flipboard, from Sport to Politics and from Technology to Entertainment categories. For the best experience it will automatically search best content from all rich websites. You can follow your favorite category for instant content feed. The app is built by third party developers in favor of users.

2. Uber

The Uber app is helpful to book taxi on the go. Use the app and book taxi in your city and taxi will come to your place within few minutes. It uses your current location to give you hassle free service. The app is not available in Tizen Store for smartphones, but here on Gear Sport it launched with all official features.

3. Twitter Trend

This app is useful for Twitter users, you can get all the tweets on your front screen. Twitter Trend app will show you all the tweets, currently trending on Twitter app. This way you can stay updated with the news. It will show tweets from the Twitter Following. You can reply, share or like all the tweets or can post your own. If you regularly check your Twitter account then this app is best for you.

4. Glympse

The Glympse app will share your current location to other users. It might not be helpful in everyday work but in some occasions you can use it. In the heavy traffic send your current location to your boss or your family members or send your exact location to your friends so they could come to visit you, without any delay.

5. Speedometer

This is official app from Samsung for all Tizen smartwatches. Users can measure speed and distance by using Speedometer app. Measure your speed and distance when you are on long run. Specially, in workout you need Speedometer tool to see how much progress you have made over your past performance.

6. Here Navigator

Google Map is not present on Gear watches and there is no sign of it to come in near future. Instead, you can use companion app Here Navigator to get help on new roots. Search any locations, directions, distance and modes in easy ways. The app is created by Nokia developers so you can trust its accuracy.

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7. Mr. Time Maker

New Mr. Time Maker app allows you to create new watch faces for your smartwatch. Take help of many tools and create your own stylish face designs. It is very easy to use and free to access. The Mr. Time Maker app is available on Gear since second generation Gear S2 watch. Many users uses it to create their own faces so why not you. Go get it and make your Gear Sport an amazing device to look and use.


8. My Notes

My Notes app is one of the finest to do app for the Samsung Gear watches. With My Notes you can make a list & share it to the online cloud storage. There are some other features which makes it must havenote taking app on the watch. If you have huge list of to do lists or any other important notes then you can write down those all here in few seconds. If you want to use keyboard then yes you can, but there is also voice input option for better writing. After your list you can save it on the device, later edit it or share it with your other devices using constant synchronization option

9. MapMyRun

The MapMyRun app is fitness app for Samsung Gear Sport. It is officially launched for Samsung smartwatch and it supports very well on this gadget. You can track your daily records of exercises & other fitness activities. Record your daily run steps on this app and make everyday progress. It is very easy to navigate and works fine in outdoor. You can download MapMyRun app from the Gear App Store.

These are best apps for Gear Sport wearable. You can download all these apps from Samsung Gear app store. All the listed apps are available for download and free of cost. Most apps are updated with new Tizen firmware version so all apps work fine. Do you want to add your own app in this list or have any suggestions regarding these apps then ask your questions in the comments box below. Don’t forget to share these apps with your other friends, it might help them.