Download UC Browser App For Samsung Z3 And Z1

The wait is over for UC browser fans and now they can use UB Browser app on their Tizen smartphones. Since last year users has been waiting for this app and they want it on their smartphones. Finally developers listened to them and with the help of ACL for Tizen user can install it. All the readers from Tizen community were requesting for this app and finally got it, it is ACL enabled app and to use it you need ACL for Tizen app.

After the launch of UC Browser users now have third option to browse the Web, before it users had Samsung’s own Tizen browser and another third party Opera Mini Web Browser.

This is now third Web browser for users and it has many cool features which make it user friendly browser. The UC browser is number one browser in India, and Indian users were on front to demand it on Tizen platform. The UC has ability to serve the web pages to users without ads and it can stop all annoying ads which tracks users data.

It can save users data in many ways by compressing Web pages and blocking ads. User can use Facebook mode if they always want to be active on social media. On the homepage it has many shortcuts to make browsing easier and the history to visit your last visited sites.


It offers Night Mode feature to that users who always reads their favorite websites at late night. Also bookmark your favorite websites to visit them again and again. When you download any content from UC Browser then it will save in UC download folder.

UC browser is now available to download in Tizen Store and user can install it on Samsung Z3 and Z1 smartphones. Right now, I am not able to see UC in Samsung Z1 store, but surely you can use it on Samsung Z3. It is new version so tell us your experience with this app in comments box below.

You can use UC Browser app on new Samsung Z2 & Samsung Z4 as the main browser or you can choose its little version UC Mini Browser App if again you want to save little more data.

I have tested UC on the both new devices and works fine on both of it. It gives you full freedom by securing your personal information with a bit extra speed, so personally say you must use it. Let us know your experience with this browser, fill your opinion in the comments box.